Ed Sheeran feature film to start production

'From Suffolk, With Love' will follow Ed Sheeran and three fictional friends. Original artwork by Kate Harringway.

'From Suffolk, With Love' will follow Ed Sheeran and three fictional friends. This original artwork was made by Kate Harringway. - Credit: Patrick Scott Morris

The first ever film about Ed Sheeran is expected to start production next year.  

‘From Suffolk, With Love’ is a feature-film set in Sheeran’s home town of Framlingham and producer Patrick Scott Morris, 29, says the movie will blend fiction with reality. 

Shot vlog-style, it is inspired by Sheeran’s life, showing him at the beginning of his career and exploring his friendship with three of his close friends. 

Mr Scott Morris said: “I’d say it’s less of a biopic, like Rocket man is for Elton John. It takes place over one weekend, after Ed’s just released his debut album, and then he goes back to visit some friends.

"They catch up every year, and they’re renting this big house in the countryside where they’re from. We see their activities over this one weekend as they navigate a new dynamic, where one of them has suddenly become super famous. 

“The friends themselves are made up, but the characters are exactly as you’d expect them to be. The inspiration comes from Ed in interviews, talking about this great group of friends he has back in his home town. 

Ed Sheeran plays music on his acoustic guitar

Ed Sheeran is to be the subject of a feature film - Credit: LD Communications

"But we never get to see them, so this is kind of a 3D version of how we’d imagine them to be, and we’re exploring their stories as much as his. 

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“I think the film captures that nostalgia we all have for the friends we have, and maybe leave behind.” 

The film is set to be “funny” and “feel-good,” but Mr Scott Morris says it will tackle some serious issues too, with one character struggling with his mental health. “There’s that thread running through it,” he said. 

He is eager to begin work on the film, and says the excitement is building already.  

Mr Scott Morris said: “Our fanbase are really blowing up our Instagram page. We went from 0 to 2,000 followers in just a few weeks.  

The starring role of Ed Sheeran will be played by Jack Caulfield.

The starring role of Ed Sheeran will be played by Jack Caulfield. - Credit: Ben Wilkin

“We’ve also got a really talented young team and an ensemble cast.”

The role of Ed Sheeran will be played by 23-year-old Jack Caulfield from Swindon, who has told other publications of his plans to wear a custom-made ginger wig while filming. 

“It’s an ode to the English countryside as well,” said Mr Scott Morris. 

He is hugely excited to be working on the first film about Sheeran, but says the film will “leave the landscape wide open for an Ed Sheeran biopic”.

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