Revealed – Ed Sheeran’s Suffolk estate is UK’s most Googled celebrity home

Ed Sheeran's Framlingham estate in Suffolk is the most Googled celebrity home in the UK. Pictures: Z

Ed Sheeran's Framlingham estate in Suffolk is the most Googled celebrity home in the UK. Pictures: Zakary Walters - Credit: Archant

Google data has revealed that Suffolk popstar Ed Sheeran’s home is the most searched celebrity house in the UK - and is the only Briton to have made the top ten global list.

The Framlingham singer recently topped the Sunday Times Rich List for young musicians aged 30 or under for the second year running and has built an impressive estate in his home town with his earnings.His wealth has now reportedly reached more than £200million, beating second placed One Direction singer Harry Styles by almost £140million.The 29-year-old has spent several years buying up various properties to create ‘Sheeranville’ – a sprawling estate which boasts a pub, wildlife pond, cherry orchard, gym and pool, a 26ft tree house and four separate houses.He has faced a number of issues over the years in the process of building his private estate and recently lost a planning battle with his nextdoor neighbour, who won permission to extend his boundary of his home by 50m to include a paddock.

Ed was also refused permission for a Saxon-style chapel made of flint to hold a congregation of more than 20 after planning officers feared the design was not in keeping with the surrounding area.

The Suffolk singer’s house was Googled on average 46,800 times in one year, with Katie Price coming in second at 38,400 searches and third was American reality TV star Kim Kardashian at 14,400 searches.

Kim also topped the global list with 168,000 searches for her Los Angeles home, which she shares with husband Kayne West and their four children.

Ed Sheeran was the only Brit to make the global top ten and he ranked at ninth with 80,400 searches.

UK company Rated People found the average monthly search volume of celebrity houses and multiplied them by 12 to get average annual figures.

Adrienne Minster, chief executive officer of Rated People, said: “Whether we’re searching for inspiration or just dreaming of possible future homes, the sheer number of annual searches of the homes of the rich and famous show that they are of high interest.

“The range of celebrities that are in the top list is definitely surprising, we certainly didn’t expect Katie Price to place above global celebrities like Kim Kardashian in the UK.”

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