Ed Sheeran speaks to James Corden about Ipswich sponsorship

Ed Sheeran has told people to "mind their own business" over construction works at his home near Framlingham

Ed Sheeran has featured on The Late Late Show - Credit: PA

Ed Sheeran has spoken about his love for Ipswich Town and his sponsorship deal on James Corden's The Late Late Show.

The Suffolk superstar spoke to the former Gavin and Stacey writer as part of his week-long residency on the show, after the release of his latest single Bad Habits last week.

Corden said his recent sponsorship of Ipswich Town's mens' and womens' team was "brilliant", adding: "I think this is such an amazing thing you have done."

The West Ham fan joked about whether Ed may follow in the shoes of Elton John at Watford and purchase the club – before the Framlingham singer said it may not be the wisest financial decision.

Ed said: "Ipswich aren't, like, a top flight team – they hopefully soon will be – but they are not a top flight team.

"So I didn't really expect anyone to notice it, but because of all the European Super League stuff in England and the huge backlash against big rich owners controlling teams and doing things fans weren't keen of, this story came out at the same time.

"The amount of love I've got from English football fans has been wonderful."