EDF reveals further details of plans to replace historic Coronation Wood as part of Sizewell C development

EDF has revealed how it would compensate for the loss of a historic woodland Picture: MIKE PAGE AERI

EDF has revealed how it would compensate for the loss of a historic woodland Picture: MIKE PAGE AERIAL PHOTO LIBRARY - Credit: Archant

Energy giant EDF has revealed further details of the landscaped habitat it will create to compensate for the loss of an historic woodland during the Sizewell C development.

It is preparing to cut down the 100-year-old Coronation Wood in order to use the land to relocate some Sizewell B buildings ready for a start on Sizewell C. It would create a replacement habitat at Pillbox Field.

However, campaigners Joan Girling and Together Against Sizewell C (TASC) have fought a lengthy legal battle against the company, arguing that planning permission should not have been given for the move, given that Sizewell C has not yet been approved.

The campaigners’ concerns were dismissed by the High Court last month with TASC vowing to continue legal action with a submission to the Court of Appeal.

As part of the permission to move the Sizewell B buildings, EDF had to submit a landscape plan to East Suffolk Council which has now been entered.

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In the plans EDF said that it had a vision for the landscape that was based on “establishing the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB landscape in microcosm by creating a mosaic of some of its most valued landscapes”.

These landscapes include grasslands, farmland, forestry, coastal dunes, shingle ridges and the open sea.

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“The design also seeks to reflect a subtle transition from the organised farmland landscape to the west to the more open, expansive and natural coastline and adjacent seascape,” read the plans.

In the plan EDF said it hoped to preserve the historic pillbox in the field and provide replacement planting for the loss of Coronation Wood.

TASC said it remained concerned about the planting.

“TASC considers that the planting of Pillbox Field no comparison for the loss of the 100-year-old Coronation Wood,” said a spokesman for the group.

“Which acts as a visual and noise screen for the Sizewell nuclear industrial complex as well as homes for numerous mammals and birds.

“The new planting will take decades to replace what will be lost from Coronation Wood.

“We are concerned that the difficulties of growing trees in acidic grass land will produce a poor substitute.”

East Suffolk Council will now consider the plans.

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