Award-winning school holds its first sports day since the pandemic

Kids smiling and being happy

BSCMS held their first sports day in two years recently, which involved more than 200 children. - Credit: BSCMS

More than 200 children and their families attended an award-winning school's sports day.

The Bangladeshi Support Centre's Multicultural Services' (BSCMS) award-winning supplementary school organised its sports day recently at Suffolk New College, making it one of the first events they've done.

Due to the Covid pandemic, BSCMS was not able to organise any of its community events and activities.

Now in its tenth year, the supplementary school has grown over the years and has expanded its activities, helping hundreds of children of diverse backgrounds to achieve their full potential in life.

Teachers at BSCMS' Supplementary school

Activities on offer included football, basketball, softball, table tennis and a bouncy castle. - Credit: BSCMS

A variety of sports were on offer including football, table tennis and basketball.

Mohammed Mainul Alam, centre manager of BSCMS and organiser of the Sports Day, said: “This has been a great event with so many children and their families in attendance.

"After two years of no major events or activities, everyone was really looking forward to this Sports Day and the feedback we have received from children and their families suggests they thoroughly enjoyed themselves."