Farlingaye school completes over 5,000 coronavirus tests in two weeks

Farlingaye High School coronavirus testing

Pupils at Farlingaye High School in Woodbridge get tested for the coronavirus - Credit: Farlingaye High School

Farlingaye High School in Woodbridge has conducted more than 5,000 coronavirus tests in just two weeks with no positive results. 

In total the school have carried out 5,102 tests with almost all students and staff receiving three each during this time. 

After the third test, school members were given tests to take at three to five day intervals at home.

The operation at the school was overseen by Pete Smith, deputy headteacher, and a core team of committed staff, who trained all the volunteers in their roles.

Even with teachers volunteering to help in their preparation periods, and support staff squeezing in extra time to help, the school needed more support.

Each session needed 27 people to run it, so the school community stepped up and 14 parents and ex-students trained to help. Without these volunteers, the process would not have run so efficiently and smoothly.

The testing process was conducted in an atmosphere of cohesion and positivity, which allowed the students to remain calm and focused throughout.

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Mr Smith said: “The students have been brilliant in their conduct, but all this couldn’t have been done without the fantastic commitment of staff and volunteers, who have given their time so readily.”

Arabelle Barnard, one of the parents who was involved, said: “I was so impressed as everything was brilliantly organised.

"The set up and volunteers were so quick and efficient, and the students were so co-operative.”