Holbrook Primary School celebrates 'good' Ofsted rating

Holbrook Primary School from the outside

Holbrook Primary School has been handed a 'good' rating by Ofsted. - Credit: Google Maps

Holbrook Primary School has been celebrating after achieving a 'good' rating by Ofsted in their latest inspection.

It took place in the last week before Easter, with the results released last week. Ofsted's report concluded: "Holbrook Primary School continues to be a good school."

'Good' is the second highest rating that Ofsted can hand out to schools.

The Ofsted report praised the school's approach to reading, saying: "Leaders ensure that reading has a high profile in the school.

"Children learn phonics from the very start of Reception. Children enjoy reading a wide range of books, stories and rhymes with adults.

"Pupils know why it is important to read. One young pupil said reading grows your brain."

The report also praised the school's approach to SEND, saying: "Pupils with SEND get the support required to meet their needs.”

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The curriculum and culture of the school are also commended, with the report saying: "Leaders are ambitious for pupils’ academic and personal development. They have constructed a curriculum that provides a broad and interesting education.

"It provides opportunities for pupils to link what they learn both to their own community and more widely.

"Pupils behave well, are courteous and polite.

"Pupils understand why they should respect others’ beliefs and views.

"They say bullying hardly ever happens. If it does, pupils are confident teachers deal with it well."

Holbrook's safeguarding is also applauded in the report: "Leaders have established a culture where safeguarding is in everyone’s thoughts. Staff know how to spot if a pupil may be at risk.

"Staff report concerns promptly and appropriately. Leaders act swiftly to keep pupils safe.

"Pupils feel safe. They learn how to recognise a range of different risks and what to do to stay safe. They are knowledgeable about potential risks of working online and using social media."

Head of school, Chris Perry, said: "We are delighted that all the development areas from the last inspection in 2017 have been met despite the recent challenges that have been faced by all schools. 

"I would like to personally thank the whole of the school community of pupils, staff, volunteers and governors for all that they do on a daily basis to make our school a very special place that puts the children and their learning first."