New scheme to help improve road safety outside schools

Parking enforcement powers will transfer from police to councils in Suffolk in 2020. Picture: PHIL M

Parking outside the pilot schools will be closely monitored and fines issued if necessary - Credit: Archant

A new pilot scheme is being launched in north Essex to help tackle dangerous and illegal parking near schools. 

The North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) has launched a pilot scheme, using school parking cameras at two locations in north Essex.

The scheme, known as Park Safe Schools, is believed to be amongst the first of its kind in the country and aims to tackle dangerous and illegal parking outside schools.

This new scheme uses a temporary fixed parking enforcement camera outside a school.

The camera will only focus on, and monitor motorists’ behaviour on the no stopping restrictions outside a school, such as zig-zags, and if needed, postal Penalty Charge Notices will be issued.

Signage and road markings will confirm what the parking/waiting restrictions are in each location and also remind motorists that camera enforcement is in place.

With 300+ schools in north Essex, this pilot scheme has many benefits, including the ability for NEPP to remotely monitor the parking behaviour in these specific areas much more closely at peak times and for longer periods. 

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The two pilots will take place at Stanway Fiveways Primary School in Colchester and Chase Lane Primary School in Dovercourt. 

At Chase Lane Primary School, in Dovercourt, the nature and positioning of the school’s entrance and exit causes problematic and dangerous parking, which this new scheme should help improve further.

Both pilots will run for a minimum period of one school term, when the situation will be reviewed.

To avoid the possibility of moving parking issues to another location, NEPP will continuously monitor any risk of dispersing the problem.

Robert Mitchell, chairman of the North Essex Parking Partnership, said: “School parking is one of the issues we get contacted about most and I’m delighted that North Essex is one of the first areas in England to trial this technology as part of our efforts to address dangerous and inconsiderate parking outside schools."

Julie O'Mara, headteacher of Chase Lane Primary School, said: “I am looking forward to working with the school community and North Essex Parking Partnership to improve the safety of our pupils and their families."