School's green gym idea reaches national final

The team from Thomas Gainsborough School

Front row - Tom Wainwright, Charlie Knox. Middle row- Ed Clark, Sarah Dowley, Arley Foat Back row- Charlie Stone, Harry Barron. - Credit: Gooderham PR

A team of students at Thomas Gainsborough School, Sudbury, are celebrating after their environmentally friendly project has seen them secure a place in a national final. 

The 'Enercycle' team came up with a green gym idea, harnessing energy produced during exercise which would then be converted to electrical energy and donated to those in need.

Judges from the V&A National Schools challenge, who shortlisted the idea for their national finals, said the project was a "great idea" and could help with rising fuel costs.

Technology teacher at Thomas Gainsborough School, Sarah Dowley, said:  “The students wanted to do something that was environmentally friendly and they also researched the fact that more people had got involved in cycling and exercise since the start of the pandemic.

“We are always encouraging our technology students to think outside the box and they certainly did that.

“We are very proud of their efforts and I know the students are looking forward to showcasing their plans in the final.”

The team, made up of Tom Wainwright, Charlie Knox, Arley Foat, Charlie Stone and Harry Barron will now present their project to a group of judges in London, on Tuesday, March 22.