Look out for University of Suffolk pull-out celebrating 'Class of 2020'

University of Suffolk

The eight-page pull-out celebrating the students' graduation is due to be published in the East Anglian Daily Times on May 29 - Credit: University of Suffolk

As hard-working students graduate following an incredibly tough year, it is time to celebrate - as we team up with the University of Suffolk to honour the Class of 2020.

The past year has been an incredibly challenging year for students, who - despite great support from their tutors remotely - have been forced to learn online for large parts of the coronavirus crisis.

University of Suffolk

The eight-page pull-out will celebrate students' hard work - Credit: University of Suffolk

Normally, graduation ceremonies would be a chance for students to mark everything they have achieved.

That cannot happen in the same way this year, because of the ongoing pandemic.

However, the university is teaming up with Archant to feature stories of its amazing students in a celebratory eight-page pull-out.

University of Suffolk

University of Suffolk students have much to celebrate this year, having overcome adversity during the coronavirus crisis - Credit: University of Suffolk

The supplement is due to be published in the East Anglian Daily Times on Saturday, May 29 - so make sure you save the date and pick up a copy.

University of Suffolk Chancellor Dr Helen Pankhurst said: "It is with great pleasure that as Chancellor I congratulate our Class of 2020 on graduating and seeing the fruition of all their hard work.

Dr Helen Pankhurst at the University of Suffolk where she has been appointed chancellor. This evenin

Dr Helen Pankhurst, Chancellor of the University of Suffolk, said she was proud of everything the students had achieved - Credit: University of Suffolk

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"Due to Covid-19 and lockdowns, looking back, I hope our graduates remember all they have learnt to overcome adversity at challenging times, adapting and learning lessons around resilience as they march forward.

"Our Class of 2020, like all our graduates, are forever linked to the University of Suffolk becoming our ambassadors and part of the alumni community.

"I too am an ambassador for our wonderful university. My other hats include being a writer, a professor and a senior adviser in international development.

"In all my work, I am an advocate for women’s rights and for diversity and equality of opportunity. This drive comes directly from my heritage and the fights of my great-grandmother Emmeline and grandmother Sylvia Pankhurst — leaders of the British suffragette movement.

"It is no coincidence that I was installed as Chancellor in the centenary year of some women first gaining the right to vote. In my own campaigning work, I also look forward to 2028 - which will be the centenary of the first time that women and men had equal voting rights.

University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk says students have 'demonstrated resilience and commitment to their programmes of study' - Credit: University of Suffolk

"Looking back reminds us of how far we have come but, to change the world, we must focus on the present and future.

"I believe we have individual and collective responsibility to make the world a better place, promoting norms that value ALL people, challenging discrimination and prejudice wherever it lurks.

"I also believe in the importance of finding joy and wonder in our lives — hence my motto offered to the Class of 2020, which is to strive for both fun and purpose.

"I hope that our graduates on their own individual paths will find ways to champion the University of Suffolk, supporting the institution and the students that follow in their footsteps.

"I offer my congratulations to all those who have graduated. We are very proud of them all."

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Helen Langton, said: "Graduation is the culmination of all the hard work of our students, and we are extremely proud of the Class of 2020.

Professor Helen Langton

Professor Helen Langton, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Suffolk, said it was a time for students to 'celebrate accomplishments' - Credit: University of Suffolk

"Although the last few weeks of their final year were not necessarily as they would have hoped, given the national pandemic, nevertheless they all demonstrated resilience and commitment to their programmes of study.

"This is a time to celebrate accomplishments and we congratulate our graduates on attaining their awards.

"As Vice-Chancellor, I always find graduation is a good time to reflect. There is discussion about the value of a university award but little of the discourse focuses on the value to the individual and the society in which they live and work.

"At the University of Suffolk, we transform lives through education and research, ensuring that we make a positive impact on individuals, communities and society.

"We aim to prepare our graduates for their future working life so that they can make an impact on the world around them.

"Our graduate employment rates remain excellent, demonstrating that our graduates are sought after in a competitive market.

"I urge our graduates to be confident in the person that they become through their studies and to take this learning and confidence into their workplace.

"Employment is a challenge at present, for some areas more than others, but the knowledge, skills and attributes that graduates gain through their university degree will serve them very well as they make their way in the world.

University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk believes its graduates are well-prepared for successful futures - Credit: University of Suffolk

"Our country has never needed skilled graduates as it does now and I know that many of our graduates will look back in years to come and see the difference they have made in the workplace as a result of their education.

"I wish our Class of 2020 every success for the future. I hope that they will take pride in being a graduate and alumni of the University of Suffolk and will be our ambassador in their future life and career."

University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk offers a wide range of courses - Credit: University of Suffolk

University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk aims to 'transform lives through education and research' - Credit: University of Suffolk