Election 2015: Mid Suffolk District Council results

Babergh and Mid Suffolk Election count at Trinity Park.

Babergh and Mid Suffolk Election count at Trinity Park. - Credit: Archant

The Conservatives have held Mid Suffolk District Council, following the trend of the General Election.

Babergh and Mid Suffolk Election count at Trinity Park.

Babergh and Mid Suffolk Election count at Trinity Park. - Credit: Archant

Counting for 38 of the 40 seats at Trinity Park in Ipswich began at 2pm and, after a slow start, the results came in thick and fast.

The council is now made up of 29 Conservatives, five Green Party councillors, four Liberal Democrats and two independents.

Two wards had been decided before voting took place on Thursday. Haughley and Wetherden, held by Rachel Eburne for the Greens, and Worlingworth, held by Conservative Matthew Hicks, went uncontested.

Ahead of the results, a number of new faces were to join the council, as 14 members did not return for re-election.

By 6pm, 20 of the 40 seats up for grabs had been won by the Conservatives, gaining seats from independent candidates, and holding on to seats they already held.

Some of the seats were marginal victories, as in the ward of Bacton and Old Newton, with Conservative candidate Jill Wilshaw beating Independent Jacob Stringer to the seat by just 17 seats.

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The Conservative said: “I’m in shock, but it feels good. I wasn’t expecting it.

“I went round every door before the election, and I think that helped.”

If the Conservatives win the election, they will have held a governing majority since 2007. She added that although she was a bit scared at the prospect of stepping into the council chamber, she was ready to get stuck in.

The Green Party, who put in a record number of candidates, were pleased with the outcome of the election.

John Matthissen, the party candidate for Onehouse, who held his seat, said: “We’re pretty pleased.

“Against the tide of blue seats we’ve managed to push the Greens up one.”

Mr Matthissen added he thought the party, although leading up the opposition, said it would be on reduced numbers due to the loss of independents.

“We’ll certainly be forming as the opposition,” he said.

“Unfortunately it will be in reduced numbers but not in its energies.”

Derrick Haley, who was council leader up until the election, said: “I never take anything for granted.

“Just because we’re the majority we’re not going to so some sort of big brother operation.

“We want to work with consensus, we’ve got to.

“We will sit down together and we have already agreed to work for the benefit of the community – that’s what we’re here to do, end of story.”


Bacton and Old Newton: Jill Wilshaw (C) 687, Jacob Stringer (I) 670. Turnout 70.34%. C gain from Ind.

Badwell Ash: Roy Barker (C) 1,071, Andy Mellen (Gn) 382, Ann Gath (LD) 137. Turnout 74.35%. C hold.

Barking and Somersham: David Card (C) 542, Stephen Wright (Suffolk Together) 411, Melanie Combstock (UKIP) 194, Paul Thomas (LD) 154. Turnout 72.38%. C gain from Suffolk Together.

Bramford and Blakenham (two seats): John Field (LD) 885, Kevin Welsby (C) 829, Aprille Meakin (C) 697, Linda Scott (Suffolk Together) 668, Neil Harrison (UKIP) 561. Turnout 71.64%. LD hold, C gain from Suffolk Together.

Claydon and Barham (two seats): John Whitehead (C) 1,330, James Caston (C) 1,213, Mo Touman (LD) 550, Terry Wilson (L) 515, David Penny (Gn) 384, Jennifer Wilson (No description) 158. Turnout 69.98% C hold and C gain from LD.

Debenham: Kathie Guthrie (C) 679, Bec Jasper (L) 293, Roger Fouracre (UKIP) 157, Mark Finbow (Gn) 151, David Payne (LD) 68. Turnout 71.54%. C hold.

Elmswell and Norton (two seats): John Levantis (C) 1,619, Sarah Mansel (Gn) 1,003, Sylvie Warry (Gn) 908, Howard Jones (UKIP) 750, Doug Reed (LD) 421. Turnout 71.09%. C and Gn hold.

Eye: Charles Flatman (I)* 639, Simon Hooton (Gn) 531. Ind hold.

Fressingfield: Lavinia Hadingham (C) 885, Garry Deeks (L) 304, Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne (LD) 269. Turnout 75.48%. C hold.

Gislingham: Diana Kearsley (C) 1,006, Rowland Warboys (Gn) 607. Turnout 74.67%. C hold.

Haughley and Wetherden: Rachel Eburne (Gn) – elected uncontested.

Helmingham and Coddenham: Tim Passmore (C) 956, Herbert Spurling (LD) 395. Turnout 75.6%. C hold.

Hoxne: Liz Gibson-Harries (C) 839, Nicola Carr (Lab) 400, Tommy Gee (Gn) 65. Turnout 76.05%. C hold.

Mendlesham: Andrew Stringer (Gn) 871, Paul Allen (C) 508. Turnout 76.24%. Gn hold.

Needham Market (two seats): Wendy Marchant (LD) 1,307, Mike Norris (LD) 921, Kay Oakes (C) 913, Samantha Streatfield (UKIP) 470, Terence Carter (Gn) 409. Turnout 66.26%. LD hold.

Onehouse: John Matthissen (Gn) 734, Andrew Billinge (UKIP) 343, Julian Cunningham (LD) 230. Turnout 70.75%. Gn hold.

Palgrave: David Burn (C) 870, Sarah Guthrie (Gn) 241, Elaine Halton (Lab) 226. Turnout 74.36%. C hold.

Rattlesden: Penny Otton (LD) 728, Gilly Morgan (C) 515. Turnout 74.56%. LD hold.

Rickinghall and Walsham (two seats): Derek Osborne (C) 1,425, Jessica Fleming (C) 1,278, Eddie Dougall (L) 596, Dominic Tooth (Gn) 421, Harriet Bowes (Gn) 408, Julia Truelove (LD) 317. Turnout 70.98%. C hold.

Ringshall: David Whybrow (C) 740, Nicky Wilshere (LD) 338, Mei Minns (UKIP) 257, Patricia Aspinall (Gn) 186. Turnout 70.1%. C gain from LD.

Stowmarket Central (two seats): Lesley Mayes (C) 966, Paul Ekpenyong (C) 865, Stephen Searle (UKIP) 607, Suzanne Britton (L) 505, Linda Baxter (Gn) 421, Miles Row (Gn) 322, John Curle (LD) 232. Turnout 67.71%. C hold.

Stowmarket North (three seats): Gary Green (C) 2,292, Barry Humphreys (C) 1,948, Dave Muller (C) 1,705, Duncan Macpherson (L) 1,284, Nigel Rozier (Gn) 1,145, Christopher Streatfield (UKIP) 1,132, John Betts-Davies (Gn) 108. Turnout 62.7%. C hold two and gain from L

Stowmarket South (two seats): Gerard Brewster (Ind) 934, Nick Gowrley (C) 856, Keith Scarff (LD) 768, Stewart Minns (UKIP) 571, Jen Overett (Gn) 352. Turnout 63.58%. Ind and C hold.

Stowupland: Keith Welham (Gn) 686, Jemma Lynch (C) 583. Turnout 70.09%. Gn gain from C.

Stradbroke and Laxfield: Julie Flatman (C) 1,083, James Hargrave (Gn) 464. Turnout 74.67%. C gain from Ind.

The Stonhams: Suzie Morley (C) 834, Nicholas Hardingham (Gn), 425, Kay Field (LD) 164. Turnout 78.49%. C hold.

Thurston and Hessett (two seats): Derrick Haley (C) 1,459, Esther Jewson (C) 918, Ellen Kirkby (LD) 606, Jonathan Arnold (Gn) 576, Ryan Fiske (UKIP) 523. Turnout 73.87%. C hold.

Wetheringsett: Glen Horn (C) 825, Peter Brooke (Gn) 647. Turnout 74.39%. C hold.

Woolpit: Jane Storey (C) 743, Claire Scotford (Gn) 458. Turnout 73.8%. C gain from Ind.

Worlingworth: Matthew Hicks (C)* – elected uncontested.

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