Election 2017: Voting starts in General Election as Suffolk and Essex people have a say

Polling stations were open until 10pm for the general election. Picture: SU ANDERSON

Polling stations were open until 10pm for the general election. Picture: SU ANDERSON

After a campaign lasting almost two months, polling stations have opened across the country giving people the chance to vote in the 2017 General Election.

The general election is on June 8

The general election is on June 8

Millions of votes have already been cast by post – but today polling stations give people the chance to vote in person.

They opened at 7am and are due to remain open until 10pm tonight, after which ballot boxes will be taken to counting centres across the country and an army of council staff and others will spend the next few hours counting the votes.

If you have a postal vote you have been unable to send off, you can take it to your local polling station at any time before it closes at 10pm tonight and it will be counted.

The first result usually comes from Sunderland South – but before then there should be some indication of what the picture might be with the publication of an exit poll commissioned by the BBC, ITN and Sky News.

Our reporters are at counts across Suffolk and in north Essex – and are also monitoring the national picture.

We will be covering what is happening locally online with updates throughout the night and reports on the declarations as soon as they happen.

Visit www.eadt.co.uk or www.ipswichstar.co.uk for up-to-the minute information about your local count.

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Locally most results are expected to be declared between about 3.30am tomorrow and 5am – but these could be delayed if there are recounts in any seat.

Recounts are usually associated with marginal seats where the winning margin is very close. However they can be held if one of the smaller parties is in danger of losing their deposit. This partial recount usually does not take as long as a full recount, but it can delay the announcement of a result.

Tomorrow’s main print edition of our newspapers will be unable to cover local results as they will come in after our deadline – although there should be an indication of how the election is likely to develop.

However we will be producing a special breakfast edition of our newspapers available at selected outlets in major towns with some local results.

In Saturday’s edition of the EADT there will be full coverage of all local results and analysis of the results both locally and nationally.