Live music festival to be held to raise money for Woodbridge woman

Ella and husband Calum and their two cocker spaniels, Kally and Kleo, are now planning a year of fun

A special event will be held in Woodbridge to raise money for Ella Wolff - Credit: Archant

A special festival is set to be held in Woodbridge in the new year to help raise money for a woman in need of life-saving treatment. 

Ella Wolff needs to raise £240,000 for life saving treatment. 

Two years ago, Ella developed a rare form of cancer aged just 23 and had to have one eye removed.

After surgery she was told she didn’t need further treatment. But she recently developed a secondary cancer in her liver and has been told she has six months to live if she doesn’t have treatment.

The treatment she needed was being offered in an NHS trial and needed an intensive care bed, but no beds were available because of Covid-19.

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By the time beds did become available the NHS trial had finished, so the only option open to Ella was to go private.

This has left her with the daunting task of having to raise £240,000 for treatment.

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So far she and her family have raised £120,000 from over 5,000 well-wishers which meant her treatment was able to start in October. But she still needs to raise a further £120,000 to complete the treatment that could potentially save her life.

In order to help raise more money for her treatment, Woodbridge Festival is presenting an evening of live music, poetry and DJs at the Woodbridge Community Hall on January 1 at 3pm. 

Artists performing include The Spallettes, Laura Wyatt, Ben Osborne, Peter Hepworth, Smoothgroove, H E Ross and more.

Brian Wolff, Ella's father, said the family were so pleased that the event was going ahead.

"In these strange and hard times it's even more important," said Mr Wolff. 

Mr Wolff said that the family had been overwhelmed by the generosity of others in regards to his daughter's fundraising. 

"There are people who don't know me, don't know my wife or my family and they are here to give," said Mr Wolff. 

"It's unbelievable."

Woodbridge Festival programme director Ben Osborne said: "We hope as many of you as possible can join us for our event next week to raise funds for Ella's treatment.

"If you can't make it please help by donating whatever you can. It really doesn't matter how much you give, every pound helps."

Tickets are £7 and are available online.

You can donate to Ella's fund here

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