Mystery Christmas gift giver leaving presents on Elmswell doorsteps

A masked woman has been secretly depositing Christmas presents on doorsteps around the Suffolk Village of Elmswell

A masked woman has been secretly depositing Christmas presents on doorsteps around the Suffolk Village of Elmswell - Credit: Alex Hostetler/Diane Biddle

One woman in Elmswell has been showing more Christmas spirit than most this year, by anonymously depositing close to 90 presents on people's doorsteps. 

Alex Hostetler, who lives in Rowan Green in the village, posted doorbell cam footage to Facebook which showed a masked woman dropping a bunch of flowers and a card off on her doorstep. 

Ms Hostetler said she was initially confused by the surprise gift, and thought it was "a very strange way of going about it", though said it was a "very sweet idea". 

Other villagers also received presents, with edible gifts, flowers and plants being the most common, each being delivered with a distinctive card. 

A present and card dropped off at a home in the village of Elmswell, Suffolk

A present with the distinctive card, dropped off at a home in the village - Credit: Diane Biddle

Donna Fisk, who claims to be a close friend of the undercover gift giver, said: "This individual who I'm proud to say is a good friend of mine has put a lot of thought, time and effort into this.

"She just wanted to spread the love, and make people smile this Christmas. She's already left almost 90 gifts on various doorsteps around the village and has many more planned. She's one very kind hearted little elf."

Ms Fisk added: "My friend wanted to do something nice for the village after a couple of challenging years, and she started with buying a few chocolate treats a few weeks ago.

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"She's since approached companies & asked for flowers or plants at a cut price. After explaining what it is for, she has had support.

"Not wanting to get caught just yet she's been creeping around at night leaving these gifts on people's doorsteps.

"Firstly, she concentrated on more elderly folk, but now she's just spreading the love where she can, but without getting caught.

"She's truly amazing!"

Villagers have reacted to this secret gifting with a mixture of joy and confusion, with one Facebook commenter calling the presents "a beautiful gesture", while another said it was "Christmas joy being spread". 

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