Rail embankment fixed at Manningtree on main line to London

Network Rail has repaired the Foxash embankment near Manningtree. Picture: NETWORK RAIL

Network Rail has repaired the Foxash embankment near Manningtree. Picture: NETWORK RAIL - Credit: Archant

Network Rail has completed work to repair an embankment near Manningtree station – allowing trains to run safely on the main line between East Anglia and London.

The Works have been completed to reinforce the embankment and protect the tracks by preventing vegetation and debris falling onto the line. This will help keep the line clear and trains running safely for those who need to travel by train.

Over time, the embankment has eroded and became unstable, which posed a risk to passing trains. Trees and debris could have fallen onto the tracks below, causing damage to the overhead wires and trains, which is a safety risk and ultimately leads to delays and cancellations. Network Rail’s contractors, Taziker, installed netting across the embankment which will prevent this from happening and keep services running safely.

Vegetation and drainage works also took place and new fencing was installed to help keep the embankment safe from future erosion.

Ellie Burrows, Network Rail’s route director for Anglia, said: “Our teams are busy carrying out crucial works to keep the rail network running safely and reliably.

“The vital work on this key line into London will reduce delays and cancellations of services for those who need to travel now and improve the reliability of the network for when more passengers return in the future.”

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