Emma Crowhurst: Be original with oranges

Emma Crowhurst's orange compote

Emma Crowhurst's orange compote - Credit: Archant

Emma Crowhurst, chef, writer, cookery teacher

Oranges are still at their best for a few weeks, including Seville oranges which usually disappear half way through February.

Here is a seasonal way to create a delicious classic pudding - my sticky toffee pudding cake is served with a four orange compote. Blood orange, navel and tangerine are all segmented and the pulp squeezed, then the juice is thickened with a little arrowroot or cornflour and grated zest of Seville orange provides an amazing tang to the compote.

My sticky toffee pudding is made with soft plump dates soaked in an infusion of delicious tea.

I am using a revolutionary alternative to the teabag which can sometimes break whilst you are infusing the tea with the dates. The Tea Pod is a new idea which is neat, stylish and so functional. The TeaPod’s unique non-absorbant, micro-perforation holes allow the full taste from the tea leaves to pass through into the boiling water

The TeaPod is made from triple laminate food grade foil that remains stable up to 121 degrees celsius (fda certified) and conforms to iso22000 food safety management systems - each TeaPod is housed in an Italian designed, moisture-proof, tear resistant envelope, to which they should be returned to for recycling.

TeaPods are packed at point of origin using premium grade, organic tea leaves that are harvested, selected and processed in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) on fair trade estates

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You can stir the tea in your cup to get the most natural infusion - there’s no horrid squeezing and no drips when you lift it from the cup. There are some amazing flavours as well as the more traditional, including vanilla peach and my favourite black tea with apple cinnamon.

To find out more about the Tea Pod and to enter a competition for the chance to win a year’s supply of tea pods visit www.bistro-tea.co.uk/competition.