More engineering work to start on Great Eastern track to Liverpool Street

Six weekends of engineering work on the main line between Ipswich and London starts on Saturday with buses replacing trains for some journeys to the capital.

Track is due to be replaced at Manningtree and Colchester and there will be work on overhead lines at various points on the line between Shenfield and Stratford.

The work means that there will be bus replacements for different parts of the journeys on most weekends – although on Saturdays October 31 and November 7 there will be trains through to London while bus replacements will operate on the Sundays.

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Also from October 24 until the early hours of November 2 the East Suffolk Line will be closed for engineering between Beccles and Lowestoft with a bus replacement service. Trains will continue to operate south of Beccles over the majority of the line to Ipswich.

While Network Rail is upgrading track in the area, Greater Anglia has brought in new high-tech equipment to ensure its trains are as clean as possible.

It has five hygiene monitoring units which are used weekly to quickly detect biological residue on high touch areas on board trains. A swab is taken from the area being tested, which is checked for biological residues.

The swab sample reacts with a lab-manufactured enzyme - replicating that found in fireflies called luciferase - in a self-contained device. The energy from this reaction creates light. The more light detected, the greater the amount of biological residue on the surface tested.

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This allows train cleaning managers to get a picture of the efficiency and effectiveness of cleaning regimes across the whole of the network.

The company has spent £600,000 on new cleaning measures, including new equipment, extra cleaning routines, new and additional detergents and more staff.

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New equipment includes seven fogging guns used to spray a fine targeted mist of anti-viral disinfectant which quickly kill off bacteria and viruses in the air, on floors, furniture, walls, ceilings, other surfaces and large internal areas.

Every single carriage on all of Greater Anglia’s trains had been fogged by the beginning of September, and the company is now doing them again. Fogging guns are also being used by Greater Anglia’s cleaning contractors to sanitise waiting rooms, toilets and other areas at stations.

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