Essex CSI sacked for sexually assaulting vulnerable victims

Kevin Dowley worked as a CSI officer (stock image) Picture: MATTHEW USHER

Kevin Dowley worked as a CSI officer (stock image) Picture: MATTHEW USHER - Credit: Matthew Usher

An Essex crime scene investigator has been sacked for sexually assaulting two vulnerable victims.

Kevin Dowley, who worked for the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, was found to have undermined trust in the police.

He was found guilty in September of two counts of sexual assault by touching and dismissed without notice following a misconduct hearing, chaired by Det Chief Supt Stuart Hooper, this morning.

Dowley was alleged to have engaged in behaviour towards vulnerable victims, which contravened police guidance, and included “conversations of an inappropriate or flirtatious nature” and texting a victim from his personal mobile.

The hearing determined that being found guilty of two criminal offences, would “significantly impact” his ability to carry out his role as CSI.

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His conduct was said to have “undermined public confidence and impacted on the reputation of Essex Police.”

Dowley was dismissed immediately, having been suspended since his initial arrest in September 2016.

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Det Chief Supt Hooper, said: “Police personnel must act ethically, professionally and appropriately and treat all individuals with who they have contact, especially vulnerable victims who are turning to the police for help, with dignity and respect. The Code of Ethics states that staff must not engage with sexual conduct or inappropriate behaviour on duty or seek to pursue a relationship with a person with whom they come into contact in the course of their work who may be vulnerable to an abuse of trust.

“The actions of CSI Dowley have significantly undermined our core values and even worse, have made the victims feel as if they are not believed and cannot trust the police to discharge their duties.

“CSIs come into contact with multiple members of the public within a working week. They often work unaccompanied and enter the homes of victims of crime at times when they are at the most vulnerable and in the most need of reassurance, support and confidence in the police. CSI Dowley has exploited that and other vulnerabilities of victims, such as mental health so much so that he has destroyed the trust and confidence in CSIs in this function.

“As a detective, I know the value that forensic investigations bring to prosecutions and therefore our ability to bring offenders to justice. Without this key function policing would not be able to deliver its key values and keep our communities safe

“His actions and unwarranted contact fell far below the standards expected and there is no place in policing for those who abuse their position for sexual purposes.”

Dowley is due to be sentenced at Basildon Crown Court on November 19.

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