Colchester man jailed for pouring petrol over woman and trying to set light to her

Alan Day, of Barkstead Road, Colchester, who has been jailed for 30 months after admitting aggravate

Alan Day, of Barkstead Road, Colchester, who has been jailed for 30 months after admitting aggravated burglary - Credit: Archant

A Colchester man who poured petrol over a woman and tried to set light to her has been jailed for 30 months.

Alan Day, who had been assaulted shortly before, walked into to a neighbour's house in Barkstead Road, Colchester, after getting a can of petrol from his garden shed and poured it over Charlene Collins, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

He then tried to spark a lighter but was unsuccessful and Ms Collins had run out into the garden to get away from him, said Charles Kellett, prosecuting.

Day had then returned to his shed and picked up a petrol driven disc cutter which he had unsuccessfully tried to start.

The police were called after he smashed a door and when officers arrived he was seen holding a lump hammer.

When Day was told to put the hammer down he had sworn at officers and an incapacitating spray was used on him.

Day, 48, admitted aggravated burglary on July 8 last year.

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Jailing him for 30 months Judge David Goodin described the incident as "absolutely terrifying" for Ms Collins but said he accepted the circumstances surrounding it were exceptional.

He said that Day had been the victim of a significant assault on the night in question and no-one had been brought to justice for it.

He said Day had been driven by "pain, fury, a desire for revenge and a determination to ensure someone suffered for what had happened to him."

The court heard that prior to Day going to Ms Collins' house with the petrol can and lighter she had called an ambulance after finding him on the ground near her house and seeing two people drive off in a car.

Mr Day's partner had arrived on the scene and Day, who was bleeding and unconscious, was placed in the recovery position to stop him choking on his blood.

He had regained consciousness and after seeing his injuries he picked up the petrol can and went round to Ms Collins' house.

Shauna Ritchie, for Day, said he had acted totally out of character and had appeared "punch drunk" after a violent assault which had left him unconscious in the street.

She said Day wasn't a violent man and was sad and remorseful about the incident of which he had no memory.

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