Essex Police to encourage public to send in dash cam footage as part of dangerous driving campaign

Police will launch a campaign encouraging the public to send in dash cam footage. Picture: Matt Kimb

Police will launch a campaign encouraging the public to send in dash cam footage. Picture: Matt Kimberley/PA - Credit: Matt Kimberley/PA

The casualty reduction manager for Essex Police has called the number of fatalities on the county’s roads “disturbing” ahead of launching a new campaign to tackle dangerous driving.

Between April 1 and September 30 last year, 537 people were killed or seriously injured on the road, 29 of which were fatalities.

Spanning the same time this year, 482 people have been killed or seriously injured, 26 of which were fatalities.

Although figures are improving, Adam Pipe said more needs to be done and is calling on the public to help in a new campaign using dash cam footage called Extra Eyes.

“They can send us a recording of something they have seen that they feel is dangerous,” he said.

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“We have been running this via email for about two years now and we have one case going to crown court this week and they had dash cam footage. This is about opening it up.”

The force is also hoping to focus on road traffic collision hotspots, which include Chelmsford, Clacton, and roads such as the M11 and M25.

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Mr Pipe also said that people sending in dash cam footage could help prevent and identify other crimes.

He said: “We have to recognise that it’s not just about safer roads but also that a lot of harm is coming into communities because of the way people use the roads. There are potential drugs coming into towns and crime gangs.

“Take burglaries, for example. We have to recognise that these people are using a vehicle and that highlights the impact of road policing. We can strangle the risk of harm before it gets to those communities and we make sure it is a priority that our officers target those people.”

Essex Police also hope to launch a drink and drug driving campaign later this year.

Between September 29 and October 2, the force arrested 12 people for drink driving and six for drug driving.

Mr Pipe added: “The risks are enormous [when people drink or drug drive] and I worry that the public are just not listening to the advice or getting the educative message.

“We need the public to help us. The greatest help is where the public, who are the eyes and ears of their community, must know people that drink or drug drive. That’s where we need the information.”

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