Ever fancied paramotoring over a snowy Ipswich? Watch this video to see scenes of the River Stour and the Orwell Bridge

Mike Page's aerial shot of Ipswich town centre.

Mike Page's aerial shot of Ipswich town centre.

See a birdseye view of the greater Ipswich area with this video, shot by a paramotor pilot as he took off from a snow-covered field in the town.

Pilots wear a small propellor like a backpack

Paramotors are an extremely simple version of a powered aircraft consisting of a small propeller which is worn like a backpack, this powers a motor and is worn under a paraglider wing.

The motor provides the thrust to take off, climb and maintain level flight, and means that you can take off from flat fields rather than finding a windy hill spot.

Action cameras are often used to record flights.

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