Ex-MP’s head on a spike - in the name of art

FORMER West Suffolk MP Richard Spring has his head on a spike in a new satirical exhibition.

Mr Spring, who was among 147 MPs who stepped down at the 2010 election, is one of the subjects of the Body Politic installation by sculptor Shelley Wilson.

As part of the eye-catching show, Ms Wilson has made ceramic busts of all the MPs who either resigned or retired in May.

“I think it is terribly funny,” Mr Spring said.

“It’s a great idea. I am sure a lot of people would like to put the heads of politicians on spikes.”

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The exhibition at the Westminster Reference Library, in London, is a celebration of the unprecedented level of MPs who left the House in the biggest ever exodus at the end of the last Government.

Ms Wilson said the poles were set at the height of the MPs, but could also be seen as a spike.

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“I can see why people thought they were spikes,” she said. “It is ambiguous because maybe that’s how the public see it.”

Many former Members of Parliament such as Geoff Hoon and Claire Short took part in the display, providing written statements of their time in power.

But Mr Spring, who was one of those who did not choose to take part, is represented with a cross over his mouth to show he was tight-lipped, Ms Wilson said.

“It is unprecedented,” she added. “Politics, as we knew it before the election, was going to change forever.

“It had never happened before and it should be celebrated.”

The exhibition will run until Friday.

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