Farming insight: The search is on for UK’s most beautiful cow

Bellissima: Yogurt maker The Collective has launched the Cow of the Year contest and is seeking out

Bellissima: Yogurt maker The Collective has launched the Cow of the Year contest and is seeking out the prettiest cow in the UK - Credit: Archant

A gourmet yogurt maker has launched a competition to find the UK’s most beautiful cow.

The Collective is set to crown the winning entry ‘Cow of the Year’.

But it says it is not looking for a cow with ambitions to achieve world peace or find a cure for disease.

It is on the lookout for an animal with a fetching face, long lashes and a sweet temperament, as you would expect from a typical beauty queen and is inviting people to submit headshots of their candidate of choice by uploading it to

Amelia Harvey, UK Co-Founder of The Collective said: “We know there’s some really dashing cows out there and feel it’s about time that they got some proper recognition. Cows are clearly very important to us as a business so we thought it was right to honour them. Consequently we are inviting farmers, ramblers with cameras or anyone who knows a beautiful looking cow to nominate one of these noble beasts for the title of ‘Cow of the Year.’”

The winning cow will be picked from six finalists and chosen by a panel of judges, all experts in their field and selected either for their understanding and appreciation of cows or for their insider knowledge of the beauty industry.

The winner of ‘Cow of the Year’ will be crowned in May 2013, with a cash prize of £1,000 for the person who submits the winning photo. The award for the proud owner of the cow will be a trophy, a beautiful garland, a framed certificate and a photo-shoot by a celebrity snapper to help the ‘Cow of the Year’ get on to the ladder to bovine ‘super-modeldom’.

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As part of ‘Cow of the Year’ The Collective will be supporting and raising awareness of local community farms.

It is also donating £500 to the winner’s community farm of choice.

The company has the support of Red Tractor in the quest to find the Cow of The Year.

Richard Cattell, head of marketing at Red Tractor said: “Red Tractor are proud to be behind The Collective as its searches for ‘Cow of the Year’ after all great dairy starts with the great cows and it all starts on the farm, where the use of the Red Tractor scheme gives assurance of welfare, traceability, environmental protection, as well as the health and safety of milk produced in the UK.”

If you have or know an exceptionally stunning cow, take a photo and upload it to the competition, which can be found on the Cow of the Year website.

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