'Fat camp' planned for Suffolk

PLANS to build a unique “fat camp” in Suffolk have moved a step closer.

Anthony Bond

PLANS to build a unique “fat camp” in Suffolk have moved a step closer.

Planning permission has now been granted for a purpose-built training camp called EAT4U which will give overweight people the benefit of experts to help with weight loss.

Based at the Academy Health and Fitness Centre in Barrow, near Bury St Edmunds, it will combine education and physical exercise.

People looking to complete the weight loss programme - which includes a gruelling seven day residential course - will have to pay £1650.

The camp will include a behavioural therapy team consisting of both cognitive behavioural therapists and neuro linguistic programming. There will also be a chef and registered dietician to educate those attending on the best ways to shop, cook and eat food.

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Owner Glen Moulds said he has researched obesity for the past four years in the UK, America and Australia and he said the purpose of the camp is to create a learning environment based on hard physical training and education.

“We have had some top obesity experts come and look at these plans and they have said they are absolutely fantastic and it is what is needed in this country,” he said. “There is nothing in this country like it. It is very exciting and if we can pull it off it would be brilliant for Suffolk”

People who wish to attend the camp will be subject to strict entry criteria including interviews and questionnaires.

Once at the camp residents will undergo six hours of physical activity everyday, including an assault course as well as walking and yoga. There will also be three hours of classroom work to educate residents on how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

“It will be like hell but they will have a tremendous amount of personal support and training,” admitted Mr Moulds.

Once they have completed the one week residential course, the clients will then go back home for six weeks where they will keep in regular contact with their mentors before returning for a final weekend residential course.

And Mr Moulds said the plans had already attracted the interest of the NHS.

“I think the camp could have a major impact,” he said. “What the NHS will want to do is see me build it and then put it under clinical analysis and if they see that it works then it could be rolled out this across the UK and if that all started in Suffolk it would be fantastic.”

A spokesman for Suffolk PCT said: “One of our major roles is to improve the health and well-being of our residents, and as such we have introduced a range of cost-effective initiatives to help educate people about a healthy lifestyle.

“We are always interested to hear about new businesses like this and look forward to receiving informal feedback about how well the scheme has worked.”

Mr Moulds still needs to find £150,000 in funding before he can start building work on the project. If you are interested in helping to fund EAT4U contact Mr Moulds on 01284 810446.

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