Parts of Suffolk hit by flooding after high tide leaves areas underwater

Parts of Suffolk have been hit by flooding after a surge coincided with high tide to leave some coastal areas underwater.

Flood warnings were issued by the Environment Agency for various areas across Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex between 12.30pm and 4.30pm today, with people urged to take care on coastal roads and footpaths.

The high tide left riverside areas at Felixstowe Ferry underwater for the second time this week.

The jetty – where children and their families enjoy crabbing in summer – was completely submerged as the River Deben overflowed, sending water up the slipway and a short way into the fishing hamlet’s only road.

Winkles Cafe was surrounded by the waves and its outdoor eating area flooded, as was the Felixstowe Ferry Boatyard but only to a depth of a few inches.

The water didn’t reach the Ferry Cafe or car park and there was no need for the flood defences to be put in place across the road.

Police visited at high tide just to check on the situation, which drew a number of walkers to watch the scene and take photos.

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Floodgates on Felixstowe seafront were all closed. The tide was also high – but the prom was not overtopped.

MORE: Flood warnings upgraded for Ipswich, Felixstowe and MartleshamOrford Quay was also flooded during the afternoon and John Morrell, general manager of the Crown and Castle in Orford, who took photographs of the scene around 2.20pm, said it was “quite a sight”.

He said: “We often get flood alerts here but because the Crown and Castle is set back from the quay by half a mile, it’s not really a danger to our hotel, and looking out of the window this morning we thought, ‘the tide isn’t too bad’.

“Then I drove down there to see what was going on and I was met by the quay having flooded which apparently is quite rare. I’ve only worked here for a couple of years, there’s a lot of local people know a lot more times when it has flooded.

“Even half an hour later we went back, it had come up even further. I really just hope that no-one’s been flooded by it because it had started to come up a bit higher when we went back there about 3.15pm.”

Flooding was also seen under the Orwell Bridge, and impacted on Oulton Broad, which lies on the River Waveney.

At 4.30pm, a spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “The high tide has now passed through Suffolk and the flood warnings and alerts are no longer in force. “The level of flooding on the Strand is consistent with the flood warning that was forecast. “Until the water recedes people should continue to take care on waterside roads and footpaths and not put themselves in any unnecessary danger.”

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