Felixstowe: Council looks to take legal action to remove travellers from a car park in Felixstowe

Travellers have set up camp in the Ranelagh Road car park in Felixstowe

Travellers have set up camp in the Ranelagh Road car park in Felixstowe - Credit: Archant

Community leaders have pledged to take action to remove a group of travellers who have set up camp in a Felixstowe car park.

Officials from Suffolk Coastal District Council have visited the site in the Ranelagh Road car park after it was reported to them this month.

An assortment of caravans and cars are currently occupying part of the car park, and outdoor tables for eating have also been set up.

Other camps have been reported by homeowners in the resort in recent weeks.

A spokesman for the district council said: “The council was made aware of an unauthorised encampment on Ranelagh Road and has visited the site.

“We are fully aware of the inconvenience this may cause and steps will be taken, in line with legislation, to remove the occupants from the site as soon as possible.”

Last summer travellers parked on the south seafront site shortly before Bloor Homes began the £25million homes and maritime park development.

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A second group then moved on to the Garrison Lane car park and then moved to Manor Terrace.

Councillors have insisted they are doing all they can to deal with the new travellers’ site in Ranelagh Road, but they must first follow procedures.

A spokesman for the council added: “Together with Suffolk County Council we are required by law to carry out a ‘welfare audit’ first which will establish the wellbeing of the occupants.

“However, providing that no issues are identified, appropriate action will then be taken to remove all of the travellers, their vehicles and all their possessions from the Ranelagh Road site at the earliest opportunity.”