Felixstowe: ‘Fast’ Eddie reward claim is likely to fail

‘FAST’ Eddie Maher’s estranged daughter-in-law appears likely to fail in her quest to claim a six-figure reward for telling the US authorities he was a wanted man.

Security company G4S today confirmed a reward of up to �100,000 is still on offer 19 years after �1million vanished, along with the Securicor van it was in, from outside Lloyds Bank in Hamilton Road, Felixstowe.

However, the incentive is conditional on both the thief, or thieves, being convicted and the money being recovered.

Therefore, even if Maher were convicted of theft, any reward would only be paid on return of the �1million.

Maher, who worked as a Securicor guard at the time, also disappeared at the same time as the money on January 22, 1993.

Subsequently a reward – initially of �50,000 and then doubled to �100,000 – was offered.

Maher is still in custody in the US following his arrest in Ozark, Missouri, in February after daughter-in-law Jessica King went to police.

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Mrs King, who is divorcing Maher’s 24-year-old son Lee, claims she is due the reward.

However, a spokeswoman for G4S said: “We are now in a position to confirm that a reward of up to �100,000, made in 1993, is still valid, subject to strict conditions published at the time. Payment of the reward is conditional on both the culprit being convicted, and the stolen money being recovered.

“In line with all major robberies, whether involving G4S or any other cash transportation business, the principal aim of a reward is to secure the return of the stolen cash and the convictions of those responsible for the robbery. We are not permitted to offer a reward without the recovery of the financial proceeds of the crime.”