Felixstowe: Hut and chalet group to meet council over rents

Beach huts in Felixstowe

Beach huts in Felixstowe - Credit: citizenside.com

Beach hut owners and chalet tenants at Felixstowe have formally set up a new association and are ready for their first meeting with community leaders.

The group was formed because of Suffolk Coastal council’s decision to increase chalet rents by 20% and hut rents by 12%.

More than 120 people attended a public meeting at Felixstowe Trades and Labour Club to establish the association, agree its constitution and appoint the officials who will run it.

Vice chairman Roy Gray said everyone was delighted with the turn-out and hoped others would join in the months ahead.

He said: “Our first priority now is to meet with the council, which has agreed to see us as representatives of the hut and chalet users and we will have an initial meeting next month.

“We have quite an extensive agenda but securing a rent freeze will be at the top of it.”

The association also wanted to discuss ways of working with the council to improve amenities for the huts and chalets, especially at Manor End. Other concerns included litter, and the state of the beach, where erosion has created a shelf along the shore.

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Joanne Woodward was elected chairman, Julie Downton secretary and Trevor Mason treasurer, with four committee members. Membership is £5 a year – forms are available from Felixstowe Tourist Information Centre.

The council said rents help to generate income for free services visitors enjoy, such as public toilets and street cleansing.