Felixstowe: Judge blasts trio who filmed horrific rape of 16-year-old

A JUDGE has compared the behaviour of three men who gang raped a 16-year-old girl to a pack of animals.

Today, the dock workers are beginning a total of 32 years in jail for the horrendous attack which occurred early on New Year’s Day 2010 in Holland Road, Felixstowe.

Part of the girl’s ordeal was filmed on a mobile phone as the rapists laughed.

Sentencing ringleader Arturas Bagdziunas and fellow Lithuanians, Minddaugas Mickevicius, pictured, and Alvaras Urbonas, Judge Rupert Overbury told them: “The three of you subjected (the victim) to what I believe to be an appalling, gratuitous, sexual ordeal.

“I’m satisfied you subjected her to unbelievably cruel physical and mental torment over a period of just less than an hour.

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“You behaved like a pack of animals, each taking your turn to dominate and degrade her.

“You, Mr Bagdziunas, were involved from the very beginning when you gained (her) trust on the streets of Felixstowe and brought her back to Holland Road. She thought she was going there to chill out and have a drink to celebrate New Year.

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“It is obvious to me that from the moment she agreed to return to that address you had more sinister things on your mind.

“When she sought sanctuary in the house you saw your opportunity, as did others.”

Ipswich Crown Court heard Bagdziunas was the prime mover in the attack, making advances to the girl when they arrived at the house and then speaking in Lithuanian to the others about having sex with her.

Judge Overbury said Bagdziunas, a married father-of-one, had showed “complete and utter contempt” for his victim.

The judge also told Bagdziunas, 29, formerly of Leeward Court, Felixstowe: “It’s clear you express no remorse for what you have done. You behaved callously towards a teenage girl, and it seems to me you have little respect for women, be they a stranger to you or your own family.”

Addressing Urbonas, who filmed the attack, Judge Overbury said: “You were laughing, as was Mr Bagdziunas, as were others, at (the girl’s) misery. You treated her as an object, having no regard as to her well-being.”

Bagdziunas, was imprisoned for 12 years, while Mickevicius, 31, formerly of Holland Road, Felixstowe, and Urbonas, 26, formerly of Sea Road, were each jailed for ten years.

They had all denied three rape offences, but were found guilty of joint enterprise oral and vaginal rape by 10-2 majority verdicts.

Bagdziunas was also found guilty of anal rape and Mickevicius and Urbonas were cleared of joint enterprise anal rape.

Police were unable to supply photos of Bagdziunas and Urbonas.

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