Felixstowe: Safety warning after two teens rescued as canoe capsizes

SAFETY experts today warned people to take care when out on the sea this summer after a canoe carrying two teenagers capsized off the coast of Felixstowe.

The drama unfolded just before 3pm on Sunday when two teenage males were seen sailing about 250 metres offshore, not wearing any buoyancy aids.

The Felixstowe Volunteer Coast Patrol Service warned the teenagers about the dangers of being out on the water and moments later their canoe capsized. They were rescued and taken back to shore.

John Cresswell, chairman of the volunteer rescue service, said: “I was just thankful we could get them to shore without any medical attention – it’s a big eye-opener and it should serve as a warning because they didn’t realise the dangers.

“If you are going to go out, you need to be equipped with a life jacket and buoyancy aids and preferably a wetsuit.”

Coastguard Ipswich sector manager Jo Arlow also advised residents to take all necessary precautions when out on the sea in the coming months.

He said: “Just be careful.

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“Enjoy it but stop and think before the journey. Don’t just get in, because if it goes wrong then where are you going to be in 20 minutes?

“There is no use in having a lifejacket if you are not going to use it. They cost so little and it will save your life.”

? A 20-year-old kite surfer was rescued last Sunday after she was separated from her board and her feet got caught in the control lines.

The incident happened at the Deben bar. Felixstowe Volunteer Coast Patrol Service rescued the woman, cut the lines from her feet and brought her back to shore.

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