Felixstowe/US: “Fast” Eddie and the grandson he probably won’t see grow up

THIS baby boy is the grandson “Fast” Eddie Maher is unlikely to ever see, and will never hold.

Born 18 days after the 56-year-old’s arrest in Ozark, Missouri, Arlow Evans is Maher’s fourth grandchild.

However, Maher is currently awaiting a court date for federal charges of document fraud, identity theft, and being an illegal alien in possession of weapons, and remains in custody in Greene County jail.

He has denied the accusations, but even if acquitted he will almost certainly be extradited to the UK when the proceedings are finished.

Suffolk police want to question the former Securicor guard over the disappearance of �1million in a van that vanished, along with him, from outside Lloyds Bank in Hamilton Road, Felixstowe on January 22, 1993.

Arlow’s mother, Hannah Evans, of Marthasville, Missouri, said she does not want contact with Maher’s 24-year-old son Lee who is Arlow’s father, or his family.

Miss Evans, 22, said: “If they don’t want to stay in contact then I won’t stay in contact with them.

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“I feel it will probably be a lot better than it would if they were around. I knew I would be pretty much bringing up Arlow by myself. I had a lot of regrets after being with Lee, but I would do it all again after having Arlow. He means everything to me.”

Arlow weighed 8lb 7oz when he was born at Mercy Hospital, Washington, Missouri, on February 26. His grandfather, Eddie Maher – who had been living under the name Michael Maher – was arrested at his rented home with wife Deborah Brett and son Mark, 14, on February 8.

When the former London firefighter was detained by US authorities in Ozark, Missouri, weapons said to belong to him were found.

A Hi-Point .45-calibre pistol, a Jennings .380 pistol, a Mauser 7.62x39 rifle, and a Mossberg .22-calibre rifle were discovered at a storage facility and his home.

Maher’s eldest son Lee – known as Lee King and Lee Brett – is currently embroiled in a court case as a result of being pursued for child support by high-school sweetheart Kayla Jacoby, with whom he had his first child.

Another girlfriend Amanda Zignego, also bore him a daughter, Natalie and a son Jacob, and is taking him to court for child support. Miss Evans said she does not intend to seek money from King.

King’s estranged wife Jessica, who told police Mah-er was a wanted man, is also pregnant by her ex-husband.