Felixstowe/US: “Fast” Eddie Maher’s son jailed

“FAST” Eddie Maher is reeling from another blow today after his son Lee King was jailed for six months for non payment of child support.

The 23-year-old’s inability to keep a secret is said to have led to his father’s arrest in Missouri in February.

Suffolk detectives have been wanting to question Maher for 19 years in connection with the theft of �1million from outside Lloyds Bank in Felixstowe in 1993.

With the former Securicor guard Maher currently behind bars awaiting deportation to Britain, his son now also finds himself in a US jail after his former high school sweetheart Kayla Jacoby took him to court.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that King pleaded guilty to four counts of failing to pay child support for their four-year-old daughter Sophie when he appeared before Ozaukee County Court in Wisconsin.

He was sentenced to six months’ probation, with a condition he serves six months in jail, but with work release privileges so his earnings can go to Miss Jacoby for their daughter.

Despite the ruling Miss Jacoby - who was supported in court by the mothers of King’s three other children, Amanda Zignego and Hannah Evans – does not believe she will be paid the full arrears of around $4,000 dollars, plus his continuing obligation of $193 dollars a month. She believes King will have to leave the US and return to England after completing his sentence.

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After the hearing Miss Jacoby, 23, said: “I will get whatever he makes while he’s in jail, but I’ve no idea what’s going to happen when he goes over to England.”

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