Felixstowe: Work on Spa’s roof delayed

FELIXSTOWE: A district council has delayed plans to spend nearly �80,000 on the resort’s iconic Spa Pavilion, it emerged today.

Tens of thousands of pounds have also been deferred on work for other parts of the town, including Langer Park, the Dellwood Avenue pavilion and Eastward Ho pavilion.

The move comes amid uncertainty over the region’s economic future, which has also prompted Suffolk Coastal not to spend more than �100,000 on its headquarters.

Altogether, �77,000 had been earmarked to be spent on the Felixstowe Spa Pavilion’s roof, but this will now be deferred until 2012-13.

Also being deferred until 2012-13 is the spending of �32,000 for public toilets at the town’s Langer Park.

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The spending of �15,000 on the Dellwood Avenue pavilion at Felixstowe has been deferred until 2013-14, while there is no date for deferral for the spending of �11,000 on Eastward Ho pavilion in the town.

Meanwhile, the council said its building in Melton Hill, Woodbridge, was “increasingly” in need of repair and maintenance work.

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But with the current cutbacks on public sector spending and moves to share services and accommodation with neighbouring Waveney, the authority does not think it is a good use of money at this time.

Officers had recommended spending �67,000 on a replacement boiler, �33,000 on some replacement windows and �5,000 on minor roof repairs in next year’s capital investment programme.

But that money will now not be spent until 2013-14 at the earliest. It is among �253,000 worth of cuts from next year’s original �993,000 budget.

A spokesman for Suffolk Coastal said its offices had suffered from “heating problems, leaking windows and roofs” in recent times. “The Melton Hill offices are increasingly in need of significant maintenance works,” he said.

“These have been put off in recent years because of the uncertainties as to whether this council would even still exist due to issues such as the Local Government Review.

“These works are now likely to be further put off because of the serious financial position facing this council and because our drive to share services both with our partners Waveney District Council and with other public sector colleagues raises significant question marks over what type and quality of accommodation will be required in the long-term.

“Delaying the works will mean that an opportunity for greater energy efficiency will be lost, but the severity of the budget cuts facing the council mean that deferral for one year is the most appropriate option.”

Suffolk Coastal has also decided not to buy a new guillotine (�15,000) or a new perforator (�10,000) for its offices.

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