Fen bridge over the Stour near Flatford set for removal

Fen Bridge at Flatford in Autumn, Suffolk, East of England

Fen Bridge at Flatford is going to be removed - Credit: National Trust Images / Justin Minns

The National Trust has announced on Facebook that work will shortly be taking place to remove a much-used bridge over the River Stour. 

Fen Bridge, in between Flatford and Dedham is being taken down, as the risk of it collapsing currently poses a danger to both people trying to cross it, and river traffic traveling beneath it.

The 35-year-old bridge and the part of the river it crosses has been closed to pedestrians and river traffic since June 2020. 

Currently, water levels in the river have been reduced so work can be carried out by Suffolk Highways. 

Dave Piper, countryside manager at National Trust Flatford said "Hopefully, the bridge will be removed in the next few days.

"It is my understanding they are planning to bring in a crane to lift the old bridge out, but that is weather dependent as if the ground gets too soft it will get stuck. 

"Much of the fields surrounding the bridge are floodplain, and the river is very high, so at the moment we need to keep the water level as low as possible so the fields by the bridge can dry out.

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Mr Piper added: "There will be an impact on some access routes, but it will still be possible to walk from Dedham to Flatford.

"However, people will have to choose which side of the river they want to walk on, rather than swapping in the middle.

"It's not ideal, but at least there is still access to both sides of the river, and the danger will be cleared."

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