Latitude 2018: Latitude has been voted the cleanest festival

Latitude is the cleanest popular UK festival Picture: GEORGIA WATSON

Latitude is the cleanest popular UK festival Picture: GEORGIA WATSON - Credit: Archant

Ravers are guilty of not changing their underwear for the whole weekend - find out which festival struggles with this the most.

Festival goers have revealed which popular UK festivals are the cleanest and the dirtiest.

Festival attendees were asked a series of questions about their experiences including how much they showered, if they brushed their teeth and how often they changed their underwear.

All festivals were then given an overall cleanliness score out of 100. Latitude scored the highest with 93 making it the cleanest and Download Festival got the lowest rating with 78.

The survey, which was carried out by SpaSeekers, found that 40% of guests at Download didn’t shower at all while they were there, whereas at Latitude only 22% of people didn’t.

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Creamfields was the second dirtiest with a cleanliness ranking of 80, the data found that people that went to this event changed their underwear the least.

A disturbing 13% of people admitted to not changing their undies for the whole festival duration, it was the same for BBC big weekend. Party-goers at Download weren’t far off with 12% not changing their briefs. Latitude were the best at putting clean underpants on with only 5% not changing them.

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However, Reading and Leeds festival goers are the worst for not showering – 42% confessed to going the whole weekend without freshening up.

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