Find out how much of your life you have spent in traffic

Man Sitting in a Car in a Traffic Jam

Man Sitting in a Car in a Traffic Jam - Credit: Getty Images

A new interactive tool can tell you how much time you have spent in congestion and how much money it has cost you.

The average UK motorist spent 31 hours stuck in traffic in 2017 - GoCompare have created a tool to work out how much of your motorist life has been spent in queues.

The technology also works out how else you could have used that time from how many games of football you could have watched, how many marathons you could have completed, how many cups of tea you could have made and many other tasks.

For example, a 40 year old driver who passed their test at 17 would have spent 713 hours stuck in congestion costing £26,864.

In this time they could have watched 474 games of football, completed 153 marathons, and made 8,913 cups of tea.

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