Fine weather set to continue into weekend

THE sun will continue to shine over Suffolk this weekend with the recent warm weather continuing into Saturday.

Annie Davidson

THE sun will continue to shine over Suffolk this weekend with the recent warm weather continuing into Saturday.

As top temperatures were enjoyed across the country, Suffolk also got its share of the sunshine with thermometers reaching 29C (84F) in parts of the county.

The temperature was recorded in Lakenheath yesterday afternoon and matched the level reached in London.

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In Wattisham, the temperature reached 26C (79F) - the average temperature for the time of year is 21C (70F).

In Essex, the coastal town of Shoeburyness saw temperatures of 27C (81F).

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And despite the temperature being due to drop by a few degrees the warm, dry weather is predicted to continue into the weekend.

John Law, a forecaster for Weatherquest in Norwich, said yesterday: “It is looking very nice and the temperatures are picking up very nicely.

“It was a very nice day on Tuesday and temperatures were recorded in Wattisham of 25C (77F).

“There was plenty of sunshine and it was very warm, like today.”

Hot air drifting over from mainland Europe is the cause of warm weather and Mr Law said Saturday was also due to be a warm day although rain had been forecast.

“There is a cloudy front from the west which will mean it is a little bit cooler as we head towards Friday,” said Mr Law.

“It will be around 22C (72F) or 23C (73F) but it will pick back up at the weekend to around 25C (77F).

“There could be some sharp showers with the front that is moving in but Saturday itself is looking dry with Sunday being more cloudy.”

The heat saw beaches and parks across the region packed with families enjoying the sunshine.

Stephen Bournes, who owns Southwold Pier, said yesterday: “It has been really great.

“We have had lots of people here happily enjoying the hot weather.

“People are able to enjoy a traditional British holiday but with great weather too.

“We have had 1,000 people each day for the last two days which is about 20% up.”

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