Firefighters from Haverhill and Wethersfield rescue Harry the Jack Russell from underneath rubble at disused airfield in Helion Bumpstead

Essex fire engines

Essex fire engines - Credit: Archant

Firefighters have rescued a pet dog who became trapped under a pile of rubble at a disused airfield.

Crews from Haverhill and Wethersfield were called to the airfield in Helion Bumpstead near the Suffolk/Essex border just before 4pm.

Sub officer Darren Hockley from Wethersfield fire station said: “A woman was out walking Harry the Jack Russell when he chased a fox into a very large pile of hardcore.

“The dog had got stuck in a pocket within the five tonne pile and became trapped.

“We could hear Harry amongst the pile of hardcore and the crews removed the rubble piece by piece to reach him. Thankfully he was no worse off for his ordeal and we had him back with his owner as quickly as we could.”

The crews had rescued the dog by just after 5pm.