First World War memorial grove planted in Yoxwood

Yoxford tree planting by Pat Wallace

Yoxford tree planting by Pat Wallace - Credit: Archant

A memorial grove has been planted in an east Suffolk community woodland to honour the local servicemen who gave their lives in the First World War.

Three mature sycamores, donated by Barcham Trees of Ely, were planted by volunteers at Yoxwood, Yoxford, on Sunday.

A memorial plaque, funded by local businessman Jack Horner, will commemorate those from the village who died fighting in the Great War.

Yoxwood committee member Pat Wallace, who co-ordinated the donations and planting, said: “This memorial grove will remind future generations of the sacrifices made by soldiers from Yoxford during the First World War.

“As the grove matures, it will become a striking but simple memorial, and we hope that both village residents and visitors will come to appreciate the beautiful and peaceful environment that Yoxwood offers to all.

“Our special thanks go to Jack Horner and David Johnson of Barcham Trees, whose generosity made this memorial grove possible.”

The Yoxwood committee has also thanked Flagship Housing for its input to the project and all the volunteers who helped with the planting on Sunday.

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Yoxford Parish Council had previously discussed funding a similar memorial scheme itself.

Parish chairman Nigel Kerridge said the matter would be discussed at the council’s next meeting.

The council has also received funding from Suffolk Coastal to buy Yoxwood for long-term community use, following discussions with the committee.

Mr Kerridge said the council was currently seeking legal advice as to how to proceed with the purchase.