Flagship makes new pledge over Yoxford playing field

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Yoxford 2012

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Further assurances have been offered that a children’s play area will be brought up to standard, more than six months after complaints were last raised about its dangerous condition.

Flagship Housing built the play area in Yoxford as part of its Meadowfield Close development, which was built several years ago.

It was meant to be transferred to Yoxford Parish Council, along with funding to cover its maintenance, but the deal has been held up for the past two years due to concerns about the state of the playing surface.

The parish council has been reluctant to take on the site until the work is completed to its satisfaction.

Last October Pat Wallace, a former parish councillor, accused Flagship of “cutting corners” after he found lumps of concrete and stones in the grassy area.

Ian Shaw, another parish councillor, who recently inspected the site, said the problems were still unresolved as there was still a “generous sprinkling of stones” on the field.

“If a child fell on them it could be pretty dangerous,” he added.

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Parish chairman Nigel Kerridge has also expressed disappointment with the ongoing delays.

“We need to talk to Flagship, strike up a deal and get this sorted as soon as possible, “ he said.

“The main priority is that the children have a safe area to play.

“There’s already been two years wasted over this. “

Andrew Sweeney, Flagship’s development manager, has apologised for the work taking longer than expected and made further assurances to resolve the issue.

“Final works to the site, including the removal of stones and the laying of additional topsoil, was completed in the autumn, however we are aware that there continues to be a problem with stones resurfacing on the grassed area and have sought further advice on how we can resolve this issue as quickly as possible,” he added.

“Once resolved, we will be progressing with the transfer of the play area to Yoxford Parish Council, alongside a commuted sum payment, which will help towards the cost of the site’s management and maintenance over the next few years.”