Flashback: A Book festival, ambulance staff and the 1985 Beaujolais Run

Book Festival at Needham Market Middle School March 1985

Book Festival at Needham Market Middle School March 1985

Were you at any of the events or do you recognise any of the people in this week’s archive pictures?

Re: Bread queue outside West End Bakery

I worked as a baker there for over 30 years for Mr and Mrs Finch and then their son Nigel. It was a busy time then. All good things come to an end.

Frank Pulfer,

Great Barton.

Re: Needham Market Middle School Book Festival, March 1985

Starting from the right of the picture to the left, Paul Manser, Steven Phillips (myself), Max Frere (not sure on surname spelling), Daniel Le’naine (spelling again?), James Williams, Alec Todd (in fetching helmet), Jason Beaumont, Deke Bloomfield, Mark Harrison, and the tricky one is possibly Howard Kell (aka skeletor).

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Are you sure about the year? I think and believe we were younger when that picture was taken? 1985 would make me 13 and going to the high school that September, I think that picture was taken a year or two earlier perhaps?

Steven Phillips,

By email.

Re: Stowupland High School bike ride in 1984

Now living (Carnoules, Côte d’Azur) and lecturing (Engineering Universities of Toulon) in France, my parents just forwarded me your Flashback photograph (EADT, March 17) showing the Stowupland High School 1984 bike ride. I’m the girl!

I recognise the boys, but can’t recall anyone else’s names. I will investigate.

Caroline Arthey-Fages,

By email.

Re: 1985 Beaujolais Run

No memories of the 1985 Beaujolais Run I’m afraid but thank you for the mention.

The run is still a 100% charitable event with John Surtees as patron.

Robert J Bellinger,

By email.

Re: Elderly receiving harvest gifts in October 1975

With regards to the Magic Memories photograph (EADT, March 17) of elderly people receiving harvest gifts in October 1975, it featured my grandmother, Mrs Ivy Grimsey, receiving a kiss from the little boy. Behind her is Mr “Dick” Munson who she was friends with. I do not know who the two boys were. Sadly, my grandmother and Mr Munson are no longer with us. My family and I were thrilled to see the photograph. Great memories, it really made our day.

Mr Steven J Grimsey,


Re: Ambulance staff, Colchester 1990

Left to right: T Howell, J Nicholls, W Lorence, M Harrington, J Greenwood, D Watkins, A Barker, A Coyle, N Robell, S Kapp, R Watt, B F Collier, Dave Baker, P Rex.

Barry F Collier,