Flashback: A family of gardeners and a church holiday club are remembered this week

Prize winners at the West Bergholt Show August 1973

Prize winners at the West Bergholt Show August 1973

More events featured in photographs have been remembered by our readers

RE: Debenham WI Quiz (Magic Memories July 16, 2012)

I realise that the photograph appeared in the EADT about a year ago, but did you ever solve the names regarding Debenham WI quiz?

I can identify them (left to right) as Mrs Mollie Keall, Mrs Green and Mrs Grace Cook. All members of Earl Soham WI.

Jo Rothery,

Re: West Sudbury Three Peaks Walkers in May 1988 (EADT August 19)

From left to right they are Tom Ost (far left), then Owen Rose. I can not remember the third person along but on the far right is Mick Bashford who was a teacher at Sudbury Upper School. The other three were all students at the school.

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Val Ost

Re: West Bergholt Flower Show (Flashback - EADT, August 24)

The photograph you published in Saturday’s EADT (August 24) was my family.

From left to right - Back: Kevin Smith, Josie Smith, Alf Clifford, Peter Smith. Front: Linda Smith, Neal Smith (me).

My Dad and Grandad were keen gardeners having an allotment to grow vegetables. My Dad also grows show Chysanthemums and still today travels the country showing

his flowers. he has won many national medals both individually and collectively in the Southern Group Championships pooling flowers with many of his friends.

My Dad still lives in West Bergholt today and continues to grow Chrysants on a smaller scale. My brother, Kevin, still lives in the village too.

The West Bergholt show was a regular August occurrence and this particular year, my sister entered a number of baking classes and combined with the vegetables

and flowers wins is how we came to win so many awards and make the local newspaper.

My sister now lives in Colchester and I live in Ipswich. We are all keen gardeners. I now have an allotment, as does my brother, and my sister is now establishing her vegetable patch at her new house.

Neal Smith

Re: Cratfield Church Holiday Club, August 1973

My brother, Kevin Chapman, is in the photo at the church holiday club. he was eight-years-old and we both enjoyed each year going to the holiday club.

I have similar photos with us both in and our school friends during the early 1970s. The annual holiday club used to be for a week in August with teaching and craft activities in the morning then afternoons on the vicarage lawn playing games. I have such fond memories of these times, thank you for printing the photo I shall add it to my collection.

Sheila Hall (nee Chapman),

Lower East Carleton,


Re: Maths at Westgate

It was lovely seeing me in the paper from Westgate. I was six in 1989, my full name then was Claire Arkle. I am now 31 and married with a boy of my own.

I’m the one on the right with hand on mouth.

Claire Huffer