Flashback: Animated memories of the past

From The Archives Halesworth School film animation team February 1977

From The Archives Halesworth School film animation team February 1977 - Credit: Archant

A READER who spotted his former classmates in Flashback has written in to identify the mystery girls.

Stephen Frary, of Halesworth, contacted us regarding a photo of the Halesworth Middle School film animation team, taken in 1977. He said: “The girls in the picture were (I think) Beverley Warne, Louis Austin and Nina Blinkhorn. The boy was Andrew Scott.

“I seem to recall being involved in making another animated short film which must have been around the same time. The students pictured were in the same year as myself.”

Regarding a picture of mayors/councillors at the rear of Sudbury Town Hall, Jean Misselbrook said: “The lady in the front is Sylvie Garguili, who I think was mayor at the time.

“Sorry I can’t identify the other lady or chap at the back but the chap at the back of the lorry is my husband, John Misselbrook, then treasurer to the town council.”

J Middleditch added: “The photo shows two former mayors of Sudbury helping to move boxes into the Town Hall.

“The lady in the front is Mrs Sylvia Cann and the lady behind her is Mrs Dee Brabne; I think I have spelt her surname right.

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“The boy behind them is the son of LAC cleaning contracts boss, Lyndon Collier. I don’t know the boy’s Christian name.

“The photo is taken in the car park behind the Town Hall. The large building in the background used to be Alston’s Top Shop Warehouse, not Superdrug Chemist Shop. “The middle building, just showing part of a window, is the back of W H Smith papershop and the nearest building is the back of Angelo Smith’s Jewellery Shop.”

Town clerk, Sue Brotherwood, confirmed and said: “The person at the front of the picture is the late Sylvia Cann who was a long-serving district and town councillor for many years. Behind her is Rita Titmus another town and district councillor. Rita left Sudbury many years ago and now enjoys retirement in Hove; we still exchange Christmas cards.

“The young gentleman is Shaun Collier, son of Lyndon Collier of the local firm LAC who are still in the cleaning business. The gentleman standing by the lorry is John Misselbrook who was treasurer at Sudbury Town Council and prior to that treasurer of Sudbury Borough Council. John retired in March 1993 and it was as his replacement I re-joined the council in December 1993, becoming clerk in October 1995.”

She said that Mr Misselbrook still attends their civic functions.

“That’s me on the far right, hidden by the placard,” said Mark Young, regarding a photo taken at West Suffolk Hospital during a protest.

“We were outside the main entrance to the West Suffolk Hospital during the so-called winter of discontent. A very cold winter as I remember standing there!

I have continued to work in the National Health Service and have worked on emergency ambulances for the past 24 years.

“The person on the left is Vic Chapman, who was an employee at West Suffolk Hospital for a great many years and still lives in Bury St Edmunds, He has been unwell recently so my regards to you, Vic.

“The lady in the middle is Ann Robinson who was our union steward at the hospital and a very loyal and hard-working member of staff. She also worked there for many years before her retirement.

“The man, second left, sorry can’t remember his name, but he worked in the kitchens at the hospital, again for many years.

“Sorry but I cannot tell you anything about the other two gentlemen.”

Jane Addison said: “It was lovely to see the picture of the Brownies which was taken in the Woodbridge book shop when the Ladybird book of Brownies was first published. The Brownie pack was the 1st Melton who were featured in the book.

“My daughter is the tiny one in front of Brown Owl, she was nearly eight years old at the time and is now Lynn Beales.

“I can name most of the other girls: Sandra Moore, Julie Eaves, Diane Hayden, Sandra Cracknell, Natalie Fisher, Wendy Baker, Karen Jacobs, Jane Manning, Diane Cracknell, Alison Warth, Marina Peacock(?), Jenny Moore, Jenna(?), Tina Daines.

“Brown Owl who is standing at the back is Ann Taylor and the District Commissioner who is seated is Margaret Lowe.

“The picture brought back many memories as Lynn really enjoyed her time in both the Brownies and also Melton Guides.”

Margaret Lowe added: “It was lovely to see the photograph of 1st Melton Brownies.

“I was Seckford District Commissioner at the time and accompanied the Brownies to the Deben Book Shop for the launch of the Ladybird book ‘Brownie Guides’.

“Members of 1st Melton Pack were featured in the book, together with their Brown Owl, Miss Ann Taylor – seen standing to the rear.

“I am unable to name all the Brownies but I know that some still live locally. Hopefully they will make contact and be able to put names to faces.”

A photo taken at the Shotley Sailing Club annual dinner in February 1978 bought back memories for Brian Wyatt who said: “I can throw some light on the picture of people in the photo.

“It was taken at the Limes Hotel, Needham Market, and shows (left to right): Mrs Ethel Wyatt (my wife, sadly deceased); next Mr Peter Hall (father of famous round the world sailor Josh Hall); myself Mr Brian Wyatt (Commodore and founder member) and Mr Derek Mayhew (well-known dinghy sailor).

“Happy memories!”

Sharing her memories, Louise Fryer said: “The photo you featured of the Scout and Guide awards shows Mary Williams presenting me (Louise Fryer) with my Queen’s Guide award, and Lance Foster presenting my brother, John Fryer, with his Venture award.

“The venue is Stutton Primary School. I still live in Stutton – I work as a presenter for BBC Radio 3. My brother lives in Ipswich and works for Greater Anglia at Ipswich station.

“Mary Williams is the widow of Dr Dick Williams and she’s in her 90s and living in Chelmondiston. Mary was heavily involved in the Guide movement, and Lance Foster in the Scouts. I think Lance Foster died a few years ago.”

And John Williams added: “The photo taken at Stutton in 1978 shows my mother, Mrs Mary Williams, presenting the awards.

“She had been District Commissioner of Girl Guides in the past.

“She is 91 years old and is still living in Chelmondiston.”

Stowmarket Entertainment Group recently featured in Flashback and several readers have shared their memories.

Catherine Young has this week added: “Your other correspondents are correct - it is quite a shock to open up the newspaper and see your younger self staring back. Is that really me? I suppose it must be as I recognise the occasion.

“I refer to the picture that appeared on the Letters page on February 6, 2013. It was a rehearsal of an entertainment routine that included ‘ Soldiers of the Queen’, ‘Boys of the Old Brigade’, ‘Comrades’ and ‘They’re Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace’.

“Each year we would put together a new collection of routines and then perform them wherever we were asked.

“I can remember having to change in a variety of places including kitchens, bedrooms and behind screens separating us from the performers. Oh happy days!

“I also remember a riotous evening making the costumes, especially the hats which I think involved cereal packets and gold spray.

“I can name everybody, I think. From the left are: Shirley Cobbold, Diana ?, Pam Haward (partially hidden), Jean Bates, Jean Davies, myself, Betty Holmes, Ann Edwards and I’m pretty sure that is Modwena Cutler who had to control and direct us.”

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