Flashback: Cooking up a treat for Flashback readers

Cake Shop in Woodbridge wins awards May 1991

Cake Shop in Woodbridge wins awards May 1991

Do you recognised this award-winning baker?

The Cake Shop in Woodbridge won an award in May 1991. But can you tell us anymore?

In May 1986, Terry Waite visited Essex University. Are you or your family among those people listening to him?

These young woman was Miss Woodbridge in Bloom in May 1989. Do you remembering growing flowers?

Or were you one of these children who were taking a rest from dancing at the Mendlesham Street Fayre in May 1990?

The Tower Appeal was launched at St Peter’s and St Mary’s Church, in Stowmarket in May 1991. Did you support the cause?

Or were you one of the players in the darts marathon at the Railway, Westerfield in May 1991?

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