Flashback: Digging deep into memory bank

A READER has shared her memories of the Layham Gardening Club Show after spotting a photo of her father in Flashback.

Judy Sykes said: “It was lovely to see this picture of my dad, Peter Girling (right) and “Rocky” Bennett taken at the Layham Gardening Club show.

“My dad was a founder member of the club which started in October 1978 and he held the chairmanship for many years. The club was well supported having between 40 to 54 members, two of which were Paul Mariner (Ipswich Town) and his wife Ali who lived in the village.

“Unfortunately my dad passed away in 1990 but thankfully the club continued to thrive until 2000 when due to changing times and unable to find new committee members the club was sadly wound up. This was sad for the village but as we all know a good knowledgeable committee is essential for success.

“To mark the end of the club and the beginning of the millennium a Rowan tree was planted at the junction of Mill Lane and Upper Street and a second one in the churchyard from club funds with the balance being donated to the Suffolk Accident Rescue Service.

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“This picture has brought back many memories of happier times and has been the cause of much discussion and I thank you for that.”

Looking back at the 1968 Felixstowe Carnival, John Runnacles said: “The people in the picture are my very good friends, the Brookes family, all heavily made-up for their parts, with our mutual friend Ian Gray standing by with his guitar, and myself, demonstrating my three-chord trick on a vintage banjo.

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“The photo depicts our prize-winning entry in the Carnival procession, advocating Home Rule for Felixstowe. What a shame that wasn’t taken up by the then-resident population!

“We have, of course, modelled ourselves on the Clampett family of the popular TV series of the time, The Beverly Hillbillies, with myself and Ian playing the writers of the theme music, Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt. Not that that had anything to do with Home Rule for Felixstowe, or anywhere else for that matter.

“Jed Clampett’s Model T Ford is, in fact, Roger Brookes’ Land Rover in disguise. Roger is the one with the dead cat on his head. The muskets, more rust than gunmetal, were on loan from the Southgate Brothers scrap metal emporium in Long Street, Ipswich. The (working?) Moonshine still mounted on the side of the truck was put together from bits and pieces gleaned from the cellar of the old Weights & Measures office in Silent Street, Ipswich, where I worked.

“Roger’s wife, Penny, is in the foreground, and his heavily-disguised sister Carol is playing “Granny”, having been press-ganged into the role by the rest of us, and chained to the rocking chair lest she try to make her escape.”

A former football manager has written in after seeing an image of his under 10 squad.

“In reply to the photo of the Stow Falcons Under 10’s football team. Being the manager at that time I can name all the boys,” said Keith Hammond.

“Back row: Darren Pleasance, Robert Finbow, Graham Flack, Mathew Edgar, Lloyd Cobbold, Richard Collins, Jamie King and Johnathan Walton.

Front Row: Dean Munnings, Peter Cobbold, Scott Bennet, Stevie Pearce, Steve Cooke and Adam Thorpe.

A very good season was had by all. I am now 75 years of age and still coaching youth football.”

Christopher Burgis wrote to say: “What a surprise to see the feature of Two Times Two.

“That was me, bottom left-hand side, age 17 years in 1975. I was the drummer in that band. Bottom right was George Buckingham rhythm guitar and singer, top left Graham Culley bass guitar, top right his brother Gary Culley lead guitar and singer.

“We used to play in all the local clubs and dinner dances. Sadly we no longer play together anymore. It would be good to have a reunion with the band members and play together one more time.

“The records that we were selling were very popular with our followers and I recently purchased another copy for myself from a local car boot sale. I’m now aged 55 years and looking at that picture seemed like only yesterday and I am still drumming today.

Thank you so much for the magic memories.”

Refering to the same photo, Jennie Burlinson: “I remember when we lived at Higham this group played at dances at Barrow Village Hall and were extremely popular. I have a copy of the album they are holding in the picture which I bought at one of the dances.”

A farming photo caught the attention of Debbie Thomas, she said: “The Flashback photo is of my father-in-law David Thomas who has sadly passed away. Farming through the Ages was a popular event and my father-in-law and mother-in-law used to support this event by demonstrating hand milking. They also used to take young calves, always a popular attraction.

“My husband is still milking the Jersey herd. No idea who the little girl is. We believe the cow is called Topsy - a quiet placid animal ideal for such an event.”

Ron West of Bury St Edmunds wanted to share memories of an event at Stansfield Church.

He said: “This photograph was taken during a topping out ceremony at Stansfield Church, Suffolk in 1986. The top of the Tower was removed to replace rotten roof timbers and much of the flintwork was in a bad condition.

“The work was undertaken by F A Valiant and Sons of Barrow and I was working for them at the time. I am the person in the dark glasses. Also in the photo are: Alan Brinkley, Arthur Sparrow, John Clements, Graham Bragge, Les Hopton and other personal from other contractors etc.

“As another piece of interest I did purchase a copy of the EADT at the time and hid it behind a list of Clergy who had served at Stansfield in passed times. Along with the paper I placed a list of all the personnel who had worked on the job so maybe they are still there. I would be interested to know

“I do remember it being a very happy job and my workmates being nice people to work with.”

Two readers wrote in with details of a photo of a Battle of Britain parade.

Mick Hickford of Clare said: “The people marching in the Battle of Britain Parade were all members of the Suffolk Fire Service Drill Squad, passing the Saluting Dias on the Angel Hill.

“They are left to right: Station Officer Terry Auld, Fm Cyril Burry, believed to be Fm Locke, Myself, L/Fm Mike Hickford - still serving as Brigade Standard Bearer, believed to be Fm Paul Brown, (Lowestoft) Fm Murrow (Jun), Fm Murrow (Snr).

“The drill squad now consists of a Colour Party only - usually a Standard Bearer and two escorts, still parading at various fire service events around the county and also at funerals of ex fire service personnel.”

While John Wayman of Cavendish added: “Those on the dais next to the RAF officer taking the salute are the mayor of St Edmundsbury, Councillor Peter English and the chief executive of the council Mr Richard Toft.”

? An incorrect picture was used in connection with this item two weeks ago. Apologies for the error.

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