Flashback: Digging deep through archives

THESE children helped plant trees to mark Arbor Day in Southwold back in November 1975 - did you take part? Do you have memories of this day to share with our readers? Perhaps you are in one of the other photos in our gallery - above right.

Wendy White, of Felixstowe, sent in a photograph from her own collection. She says it was taken outside Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club possibly in 1957-1958. Can you throw any more light on it? Meanwhile, this rush weaver was pictured working on a chair in November 1987. Can you tell us any more? Or do you remember the entertainment at the Bury Beer Festival in October 1975?

Our final photo was taken at Framlingham Modern School Speech Day in November 1975. Can you tell us more?

Share your memories by emailing flashback@eadt.co.uk. To buy one of these photos, click on the myphotos24 link at the top of the page.

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