Flashback: Easton Harriers, Glemham Hall Summer fete and a Tramps ball are remembered

Tramps Ball at Mendlesham Village Hall January 1978

Tramps Ball at Mendlesham Village Hall January 1978

More events featured in photographs have been remembered by our readers

Re: Easton Harriers at Charsfield

With regard to the photo of the Easton Harriers at Charsfield (EADT, January 2).

The litle girl riding the grey pony in the right of the picture is a very young Maria Wickham riding her pony Ping Pong. Her father was Jim Wickham who was kennel-huntsman to the Easton Harriers for nearly 10 seasons. Behind Maria on the grey horse is Mr Mike Bloomfield, to his right is Miss Debbie Suffolk (now Mrs Edmondson). Behind Miss Suffolk is Mr Tom Worne and behind him is Miss Sindie Hewitt. The two young girls on the ponies beside Sindie may be the Calver twin girls. The gentleman with the bowler hat is the late Mr Louis Barrett.

Wonderful days with wonderful memories.

Mr S J Grimsey,


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Re: Summer fete at Glemham Hall, August 1983

The photos of Magic Memories on page 29 of the EADT on Monday, January 20 shows a picture of the summer fete at Glemham Hall in August 1983.

The lady on the left of the picture is Lottie Gray who sadly died last year. Next to her are two of her grandsons, Shaun and Kirk Draper, with their mother, Jackie Draper, who is Lottie Gray’s daughter.

I can’t recall who the other two children were or the person with their back to the photo.

Lottie Gray and her late husband, Hedley, were a wonderful couple who regularly babysat my four children many years ago.

Jill Kerr,

By email.

Re: Flashback, Police Cadets, September 1982

The photograph on page 29 (EADT, January 20) of the police cadets are, right to left:

Right: Hamish Philip, last cadet to be employed by Suffolk police. Retired in autumn 2012 after his 30 years of service.

Centre: Pc Andy Bushell, who reached the rank of Inspector before retiring, also after 30 years of service.

Left: Pc Paul Marshall, still with the force as second in command, Deputy Chief Constable.

Sgt Nigel Thompsett,

By email.

Re: Tramps ball, Mendlesham

This was a fundraising event organised by Mendlesham Development Association.

I am the tramp lurking behind a wig and a false beard and I appear to be adjusting the wig worn by our chairman, Mr Jim Baker of Mendlesham.

Sheila Hook, Southwold.

Re: Flashback, Employees from John Rannochs of Haughley, November 1981

My husband is in the bottom right-hand corner, the last one on the right. They did the parachute jump for the premature baby unit in Cambridge.

Lavinia Goodchild,

By email.