Flashback: Historian comes up with the answers

Blessing the plough at Earl Stonham Church January 1974

Blessing the plough at Earl Stonham Church January 1974

LOCAL history recorder, John Jones, has helped shed light on a mystery Flashback photo.

Mr Jones, of Earl Stonham, said: “The January 1974 photograph you published shows the Reverend Alan Tuffin, accompanied by the churchwardens of Earl Stonham and Stonham Parva.

“From left to right, they are Frank Tydeman (Earl Stonham), Frank Buckle (Stonham Parva), George Stedman (Stonham Parva) and Don Mitson (Earl Stonham).”

A photo showing a retiring postman has been the subject of many Flashback letters and adding her thoughts, Barbara Stewart said: “Following on from Ken Whittle’s response regarding postman Victor Simpson’s retirement, I worked at the post office in Belchamp St.Paul with owner and postmistress Pam Tinniswood and in fact I made the Postman Pat cake for Vic’s retirement presentation by Pam.

“Apart from gifts for Vic Pam included a bottle of champagne for his wife. I worked there for many years with several different owners but nothing can compare the general fun working alongside Pam.

“My best memory is regularly starting the ancient motorbike for local farmer Bert Day from Otten after his Thursday morning shopping trip. Another one of those amazing East Anglian characters.”

Another photo which has generated much debate is one showing a football presentation in Hadleigh.

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Neil Churchman said: “In the photo the person on the right was my father Bertram Churchman. He was very much involved with the running of Felixstowe Town football club.”

While Margaret Garnham added: “ I can only identify one person. The smart person on the left of the picture is my late husband Eric Garnham. Hopefully you will hear from other sources the identities of the other three.

“The gentleman on the right of the picture must be a representative of the NABC (National Association of Boys Clubs). At that time Eric was manager of the successful Suffolk NABC County Football Team formerly managed by the late Ray Coe. The two boys in the picture are receiving their caps for representing the County on a number of occasions.

“Eric was formerly on the books of Ipswich Town having been captain of their A team. Thereafter he played for Long Melford & Whitton and finally managed Ipswich Exiles.”

The sister of another member of the group write to say: “This is my brother Roy Hawes, on the left (Haughley FC). The photo is showing the presentation of a county cap, which can be awarded after playing eight games for the county.

“I believe this photo was taken on January 26 1980,” said Wendy Brinkley. “One week after this photo was taken Roy broke his leg whilst playing football at Leiston St Margaret. After making a full recovery he then went on to break it again eight months later, also in a game of football.

“The other player in the photo is Paul Keys who played for Westerfield,” she concluded.

“I was delighted to see some of my old retained firefighter (now called on call firefighters) colleagues in the EADT,” said Richard Clarke.

“I do not remember all the names but can recall the following: DO Alan McAndrew,Sub O John Chapman, LFF Dudley Lilley (deceased), LFF Roy Mingay plus firefighters Butch Murrow, Dick Silver, a very young looking Derek Mingay, Tony Chaplin (deceased), Tony Shulver, Derek Ward, Roy Sandry (deceased), Terry Green.

“I joined the retained section of Bury fire station in 1978 and really enjoyed my time as a firefighter serving Bury and its surrounding area until I finished in 2008. The Bury station has always had a strong and dedicated on call firefighter section and I believe that they are recruiting at the moment.

“If I had my time over again I would definitely apply.”

Kim Double has shared his memories of a snooker event.

“Regarding photo in the paper of the snooker marathon I was one of the players (far right).

“We raised money for a local charity who used deep sea oxygen chambers to help and give relief to MS sufferers as well as divers DCS that had bends sickness.

“We did the 48 hour snooker marathon at then the Zenith club/BSP club in Claydon back in 1985.

“People left to right: Kevin Peck, Adam Reason, Derek Gray, Sally Staines, Keith Flatt, and Kim Double.”

Margaret Peacock added: “The girl in the photo is my daughter Sally Staines. The event was a 24 hour snooker marathon at Blakenham Social Club.

The boy on her left is Keith Flatt, and next to him is Kim Double (to whom Sally was then engaged).”

Richard Milldown said: “With reference to the Flashback photo of Melton Youth Club Old Boys featured in the EADT, I was secretary of the club from 1968-1989.

“This photo was taken to advertise a sponsorship deal the club had agreed with Connells Building Supplies of Woodbridge who supplied us with a new kit and track suit tops.

“I believe I am right in saying we were one of the first clubs in Suffolk to be playing in sponsored shirts and remember in obtaining permission from the FA who advised the club that the graphics on the shirts should not exceed 8” x 4”. As you can see, shirt sponsorships have come a long way since 1979!

“I have listed all team members and officials on that day as listed below: Back Row left to right - John Fair (Team Manager), Les Simmons, Barry Garrod, Nick Churchyard, Jim Girling, Richard Payne, Wayne Leggett, Pat Cable, Richard Milldown (Secretary), John Dinmore (Sponsor) - MD Connells Building Supplies.

Front Row left to right - Gary Thorpe, Marty Thorpe, Johnnie Markham, Nigel Ferguson, Ray Smith, John Cummins, Graham Cable.

“The photograph was taken at the club’s home ground - Melton Recreation Ground and we were members of the Sunday Morning Football League.”

Another reader who recognised this photo was John Fair who said: “I first became manager of the Sunday league team in 1968 and was with them until around 1994. In that time our finest achievement was to win the County Cup. I enclose a picture from December 1968 which shows the line-up then.”

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