Flashback: Honington Scouts and a baby swallow are remembered

Scout Award at Honington November 1975

Scout Award at Honington November 1975

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Re: Presentation to Honington Scout

The person who is presenting the award is Ken Green, who at the time was assistant county commissioner for Scouts in Suffolk.

In that role, Ken was very keen to introduce adventurous activities to Scouts. He arranged numerous courses in rock-climbing, canoeing and sub aqua, as well as the more traditional Scouting activities of hiking and camping.

Ken led county Scout expeditions to Greece, Malta and (the year before this photograph was taken) to Kenya, which was the first-ever British Scout expedition to that country.

This was a particularly memorable trip as the Scouts were introduced to president Jomo Kenyatta, camped and undertook Duke of Edinburgh Award hikes with Kenyan Scouts - filmed for Pathe News - and visited the grave of Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, at Nyeri.

Rick Durrant,

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Re: Young boys rearing a baby swallow

The boys are our sons, Simon and Colin. The baby swallow fell from the nest in our neighbour’s old chimney. The boys rescued it and successfully reared it on scrambled egg and all the insects we could catch and later released it. We still have the original cutting from the EADT in the mid 70s in our family scrapbook.

Sid & Cynthia Elmer,