Flashback: It’s a knock out

A MOTHER who can recall the moment her son was in the spotlight as if it were yesterday has shared her memories. Janet Ward wrote in after spotting a photo of her son taking part in an It’s A Knockout competition back in 1986.

She said: “The man at the front right of the photo (with his back to the camera) is Roger Riley (who was at that time headmaster of Tattingstone Primary School.) Facing him is my son, Roger Ward and the lady behind him is Liz Jones.

“Familiar faces in the crowd include Kathy Page, Pauline Funnell, Lynn Barton and Beryl Donovan. The White Horse Public House hosted these competitions for about three years after which they were held on the village playing field.”

Joyce Cocksedge, of Cockfield, wrote in regarding a photo taken at the village post office.

She said: “With reference to a recent picture in the EADT it was taken after the refurbishment of Cockfield Post Office and Shop.

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“Behind the glass are Barbara and Ralph Turner (postmaster and postmistress), Sally Scales, Eileen Sainsbury, Joyce Cocksedge, Joyce Ramsbottom and Annie Meekings (now deceased).

The post office shop is still running today which we are very lucky to have.”

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A photo taken when pupils from Amberfield School visited a day care centre sparked memories for Crys Rapley, who wrote: “What a surprise!

“I remember the day so well when the children from Amberfield School brought their harvest festival to the Foxhall Day Care Centre (sorry to correct you, it was not Carlford Court Day Care Centre, but we were very good neighbours).

“In 1981 the day centre was managed by an independent charity and I managed it for the first three years. It is sad that the Amberfield School is no longer, but the Foxhall Day Care Centre now managed by Age UK Suffolk is still in great demand and providing an essential service for our older people.”

Adding to Crys’s memories, Diane Carroll wrote: “October 15 a photograph was published of pupils from Amberfield School in 1981 presenting Harvest gifts to members of Day Care Centre residents, in Parliament Road, Ipswich.

“My younger daughter Marisa Carroll, who was six at the time, is second from the right. The young lady in the centre is Charlotte Allerton. The other names we cannot recall.”

Roger Moore was in Colchester back in 1973 and we asked readers if they knew why.

Joseph Spear responded to say: “I recall this distinctly as I was living in Colchester at the time.

“Moore was visiting Colchester and he stayed at what was The Colchester Mill Hotel, East Street, Colchester (previously known as Marriage’s Mill, now The Mill Apartments, on the corner of East Street and Grosvenor Place, next to The Old Siege House).

“I do know that Moore’s elderly mother, Lillian, lived on Mersea Island at the time.

“I believe this photo was taken on an occasion when he visited her to celebrate her birthday.”

Panto star Monica Pipe spotted a photo of her and colleagues on stage in Tuddenham and said: “Our very first pantomime! And still going strong all these years later.

“When Michael and Esme Stone moved to Tuddenham, Michael had the brainwave of staging a pantomime to try and bring folk together and get to know each other.

“Your very own Lynne Mortimer together with her husband James Hayward kindly lent us a script - as they still do today - and TADPOLES (Tuddenham Amateur Dramatic People of Little Experience) was born.

“Michael had been previously involved with St Margaret’s Players but the rest of us were very green, so as you can imagine it was a very steep learning curve. There was a definite policy of ringing the changes with regard to casting with a different dame each year if possible, and the emphasis was very much on having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously. Children were welcomed with open arms and over the years numerous children from the village have trodden the boards - two of whom have ended up at drama school.

“One major spin-off was an extension to the village hall and there is now a permanent stage – a massive improvement on having to stack the stage sections to one side after each rehearsal.

“It fulfilled Michael’s original aim I think far beyond his expectations and we all have a lot to thank him for.

“For the record the photo shows: Imelda Rendell, Julie Hazeldene, Bob Boosey, Mark Harvey, Margaret Taylor and Jane Pyke as the Goose.”

Cubs from Leiston gained their World Wildlife Badge back in 1981, and were photographed by the EADT.

Carol Newton said: “The amount of work involved was tremendous, which was why not many packs had attempted it before.

“I was Akela at the time and the boys were so enthusiastic to attain the badge that they put in hours of work and dedication. The clearance of the lady’s garden and the setting up of bird boxes and table was only part of the project. They appeared on the local radio station to explain the work they were doing and I am pleased to say all of them passed with flying colours!

“From the left is Dale Chapman, Justin Wright, Darren Curtis, Phillip Bloomer hidden behind Neil Bayley, Scot Taylor (?), Kevin Church (?), Sean Norton and Jonathon Biddle.

I’m afraid I cannot remember the lady’s name, only that she was really pleased with the result.”

Meanwhile, Heather Trevorrow wrote regarding a photo of a rush weaver: “We moved to Suffolk from North London in 1984 and we have taken the East Anglian Daily Times as our newspaper since then.

“I remember this photo as at the time I had several inherited chairs with rush seating which needed mending and were ideal to put in the bedrooms of our period heavily beamed Suffolk farmhouse.

“This lady lived in Rishangles and I duly took the chairs to her, she did a splendid job as they are still going strong but I’m afraid I can’t remember her name. I do however remember the photo quite clearly.”

Adding tot hat, another reader said: “The rush weaver photo from November 1987 is Rita Moore. She is my mum and I would have been nine months old when this picture was taken. This picture has been on the top of the piano in my mum’s home all my life.

Mum is still working with chairs and has done since she left school – over 40 years – she’s very good! She’s not doing so much rush weaving, cane re-seating is what she’s doing mainly.”

If you have memories of these photos, email flashback@eadt.co.uk. To buy a copy of one of these photos select the myphotos24 link top left.

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